New selection of environmental statements to learn from best practices

Introducing organisations to different ways of publishing their environmental statement

Are you an organisation in the process of becoming EMAS-registered that is looking for best practices for writing your environmental statement? Is your organisation already EMAS-registered, and you want inspiration for your future environmental statements? Are you a public authority that wants to get an idea of the progress of sustainability and environmental goals within organisations? Or are you a representative of civil society or member of the general public who is curious about the state of the environment in your local business community? In all of these cases, you should have a look at the new selection of EMAS-registered organisations' environmental statements. You can get an impression of their environmental achievements or find templates for how to compose a good environmental statement.

What makes this selection particularly helpful for (aspiring) EMAS organisations is that it introduces different ways to publish and disseminate your environmental statement. You can either integrate the environmental statement into the organisation’s general annual report or into its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting (see, for example, STMicroelectronics). This has the advantage that the environmental achievements can address a broader audience than just those interested in EMAS. Another way to do environmental reporting is to identify the customer as the main recipient and create a vivid, easily comprehensible environmental statement that shows the organisation’s best practices (see, for example, Martin’s Hotels). Many EMAS organisations also use a well-designed and more detailed report for their environmental statement in order to provide interested readers with specific information and figures on their environmental achievements (see, for example, ecotricity).

All these examples show that there is no one right or wrong way to design an environmental statement. It is up to your organisation to decide what way you like best and what audience you want to reach. To have a look at more environmental statements than those listed in our selection, you can also access all the environmental statements of EMAS organisations in the EMAS register.

If you have any further questions about the content or design of environmental statements or you think specific features of your organisation’s environmental statement make it a best practice example, please feel free to contact the EMAS Helpdesk.