EMAS in numbers

How many organisations registered in 2018?

According to the EU Register, 79 new organisations joined the EMAS family between January and June. We are happy to count them in the network and congratulate them for succeeding at the registration process!

The majority of these newbies are from Italy (43%), Spain and Germany (25% each). From very small companies (2 employees) to large sites (14,000 employees), they represent a combined total of 35,241 people changing their practices to work more sustainably. The social organisation Diakonisches Werk Traunstein eV (Germany) has broken this year’s record by registering 17 sites at the same time. It is usually in the early years of registration that organisations decrease their environmental impacts most, so we are excited to see their achievements in the coming months!

All of them can benefit from the experience of “older” EMAS-registered organisations. As of April, the EMAS Network counted 3,866 organisations and 9,004 sites. All sectors are represented. The waste sector has the most registrations (11%), followed by the public sector (8%) and the electricity and gas sector (6%). Seven organisations have been registered since 1995 – for 23 years! Find out who they are by searching the EU Register of all EMAS-registered organisations. If you are even more curious, do not hesitate to contact them directly. Their contact details and environmental statements are available in the database.

We are proud of the achievements of EMAS-registered organisations. Find out more in the Achievements & Best practices section of the EMAS website!