EMAS Clubs make the most of networking

EMAS organisations have created clubs to share their experience

One of the strength of EMAS is its community of organisations committed to environmental excellence. These organisations sometimes face difficulties when it comes to reducing their impacts in certain areas, complying with new legal obligations or mobilizing their stakeholders over the long term. The opportunity for exchange with other organisations that have EMAS is highly beneficial: they can learn from the experience of others, pool their resources, test solutions and make their actions more visible. This is the objective of the EMAS Clubs that are forming in several regions.

7 Clubs are already active in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain:

• EMAS Club Europe

Club EMAS Catalunya

Club EMAS Region de Murcia

EMAS Club Friuli Venezia Giulia

EMAS Club Regione Emilia-Romagna

Italian Club EMAS Puglia

EMAS Club Wallonia

EMAS Clubs meet regularly to discuss new issues. On 1 June, the EMAS Club Wallonia, which is only one year old, organised a workshop to discuss old and new requirements of the EMAS Regulation:

- Tracking legal obligations;

- Analysing the organisational context and identifying interested parties;

- Adopting a life cycle perspective.

Members of the club split in 3 groups and exchanged experience on these topics, before identifying the key success factors that could help them better implement these parts of EMAS in their organisation.

Among the ideas that emerged are using an online tool to stay informed of any changes in the applicable environmental legislation and keep track of cases of non-compliance; drafting infosheets for operational teams that use examples to explain legal obligations in simple terms; involving the top management and the different departments in identifying the needs and expectations of interested parties; using existing life cycle analysis, etc. If you would like to know more about the workshop, please contact the EMAS Helpdesk: emashelpdesk@adelphi.de

This event was a success and will be repeated in the future. We encourage other organisations to form groups and take advantage of the EMAS network. To find out more about EMAS Clubs, their advantages and the process of joining one, click here.

EMAS-registered organisations work daily on reducing their environmental impacts and report transparently on their actions in their annual environmental statement. This provides everyone - the public, authorities and other organisations - with a lot of information on potential actions in the environmental field. You can find more inspiration from EMAS organisations in the section Achievement & Best Practices.