Register now for the EU Environmental Footprint Conference!

EMAS organisations are invited to participate in the conference and learn about potential applications of the Environmental Footprint methods

The European Commission launched a project to test the implementation of a new way to measure, communicate and verify the environmental performance of products and organisations.

The conference taking place in Brussels on 23-25 April 2018 will mark the end of the pilot phase. Since 2013, 260 companies, public services and NGOs have invested their resources in researching life cycle environmental performance methods for 26 product groups and sectors, such as animal feed, beer, dairy products and rechargeable batteries.

The pilot phase explored new methods for assessing the environmental performance of organisations. This makes the conference particularly interesting for EMAS organisations, and offers a chance to discover synergies with EMAS. Participants are invited to take part in discussing potential policy uses for the Product and Organisation Environmental Footprint methods as well as concrete applications for EMAS-registered organisations.

Interested? You can register and find more information on the agenda and the location here.