Implement EMAS with practical tools

4 tools are now available to help organisations implement EMAS

Organisations embarking on an EMAS journey can benefit from a lot of support: from their employees, their national Competent Body, the European Commission or the EMAS Helpdesk. The Helpdesk answers enquiries about EMAS, communicates about the achievements of EMAS-registered organisations and writes guidance documents. In this context, it recently introduced tools to help organisations implement EMAS, regardless of their size, means and environmental expertise.

Pilot versions of the tools were published here on the EMAS website in December and have three main objectives. They help the organisations to:

  • Identify their activities and their environmental impacts (tools 1 & 2)
  • Define responsibilities for environmental management (tool 3)
  • Calculate key environmental indicators and monitor their progress (tool 4)

This is the first time the Helpdesk has developed tools for organisations to collect and use environmental data, so these pilot versions are there for you to test and assess their user-friendliness! To make sure the Helpdesk is meeting the needs of its stakeholders with the tools, it will launch a survey in the coming months to gather feedback:

  • Are the tools useful for your organisation?
  • Did you understand quickly and easily their purpose and functioning?
  • Which improvements would you suggest to increase their utility for your organisation?

We encourage you to participate and help test the tools! To get started, download the tools here!

If you have feedback before the survey, please send it to emashelpdesk@adelphi.de.