The nominees of the 2017 edition of the EMAS Awards are… (Part 1/3)

In the category SMEs, 6 organisations will compete

The 2017 edition of the EMAS Awards will reward organisations ‘contributing to making the European economy more circular’. Member States had until 15th February to review applications and nominate EMAS organisations in 3 categories: private micro, small and medium-sized organisations (SMEs), private large organisations and public organisations.

In the category Micro, small and medium-sized organisations (SMEs), 6 organisations have been nominated:

  • Janetschek printing company (Austria) has been calculating since 2009 the carbon footprint of its printed products upon request. Customers can decide to offset their emissions by investing in a project of CO2 sequestration through humus.
  • The group of companies PMC Holding - Nnof, Your Mover, Your Mover Logistics (Belgium) offers complete services to improve office spaces. They create sustainable working places, offer repair and maintenance services, optimise logistics of furniture suppliers, and design new furniture from old materials.
  • Schlossbrauerei Autenried GmbH (Germany) brews beers using state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship. Since 1980, the company has been pursuing a waste prevention strategy through reusable containers and separation of waste. It carefully monitors and optimizes energy consumption in its factory and hotel.
  • Acqua & Sole slr (Italy) manages since 2016 a "Centre for the recovery of nutrients". It uses waste and by-products generated during food production and consumption to produce nutrients necessary for agriculture, thus using resources in closed loops.
  • Aparthotel Green Garden (Spain) offers 4 star services in Majorca. It tracks environmental indicators through a platform (www.sustainablekeyindicators.com) shared with other establishments in the region. It has reduced its energy consumption by almost 14% since 2014 by renovating the building and reviewing cooking processes. Water savings and waste prevention activities have also been put into place.
  • Seacourt Ltd (United Kingdom) is a printing company which achieved zero waste to landfill in 2009: paper and cardboard are re-pulped into paper and organic waste is transformed into fertiliser. The factory is carbon positive, through the production of renewable energy. In 2015 it developed a new technology for printing “LightTouch” (waterless and LED UV Printing), preventing waste and the use of chemicals.

Illustrating circular economy in various sectors, the nominees of the 2017 edition prove that a wide range of actions can be taken to optimise resource use. Their initiatives are currently reviewed by a jury composed of circular economy experts, who will try to determinate the most “circular”, efficient and innovative organisation.

To know the name of the winner in the category SME, we will have to wait till the 8th of May 2017, where the Awards Ceremony will take place in Malta. To know more about the event and register for free, please consult the EMAS Awards section. We wish the nominees the best of luck!