Analysing the Success Drivers of EMAS in selected Member States

European Commission publishes case studies on Italy, Austria and Germany

Last year, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of EMAS, the European Commission published the EMAS Compendium on Promotion and Policy Support in the Member States. The Compendium provides policymakers, EMAS registered organisations and stakeholders with an overview of existing opportunities for realising the benefits of EMAS in the EU Member States. An important key message of the Compendium is that policy support for EMAS brings advantages not only for registered organisations but also for governments and regulators.

To complement the findings of the EMAS Compendium the Commission has just published an analysis on The Success Drivers of EMAS in Selected Member States. The analysis consists of three case studies carried out in Austria, Italy and Germany and takes a closer look at the key initiatives that these Member States have implemented as an integrated part of their environmental policy, in order to support EMAS and make use of the benefits the tool provides. What were their main motivations for doing so? How has this helped the domestic evolution of EMAS? Find out by reading the study!

The individual case studies investigate concrete examples of how the Member States create win-win situations for both regulators and organisations by making use of the many advantages that the scheme provides. The case studies are available individually in bite size or as a compiled document and can be explored alongside the more extensive EMAS Compendium.

As a public authority the European Commission invites you to inform yourself about the activities carried out around EMAS in other Members States and in future to perhaps introduce similar measures in your own sphere of influence.

You can find the EMAS Compendium and the analysis on The Success Drivers of EMAS in Selected Member States in the list of Publications and Studies or directly via the links below:

EMAS Compendium

Analysing the Success Drivers of EMAS in Selected Member States

Individual Case Studies:

Case Study on Italy

Case Study on Austria

Case Study on Germany