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EMAS - Performance, Credibility, Transparency

Eco-label Environmental Compliance Assistance Program Green Public Procurement

Newsletters, Leaflets, Fact-sheets

This section provides information about recent developments in EMAS (newsletters), basic introduction to EMAS (leaflets) as well as brochures on the practical handling of EMAS inside selected economic sectors, such as the finance sector or the sports sector. The fact-sheets demonstrate the difference between EMAS and ISO 14001 and EMAS in public authorities.

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EMAS Newsletter issue 3/ July 2013:

What's the connection between the American president, a five-star EMAS registered hotel and organic honey? Read the first item in our EMAS News review and solve the riddle!

Another exciting development of the past weeks has been Trinidad & Tobago's confirmation that they are checking their options of EMAS Global registrations for their airport and two tourist accommodations.

EMAS Newsletter issue 2/ May 2013:

Spring is the season of renewed vigour and new activities – and so it has been with EMAS these past two months.

The German EMAS conference brought together German EMAS stakeholders and European Commission representatives for a fresh look at EMAS' potentials. Participants reflected on the results of the 2012 survey among German EMAS users which confirmed the benefits of registering with EMAS but also provided valuable suggestions for future developments.

EMAS Newsletter issue 1/ March 2013:

In 2013 EMAS will continue to take your environmental management to the next level!

Unicredit in Italy have set a shining example by registering their more than 4000 sites! The following actions can help you take your sustainability performance that one step further in 2013 as well: 1.) invest strategically in community initiatives, 2.) increase stakeholder engagement, 3.) improve communications. So really, the key to outstanding environmental performance is taking EMAS beyond just 'ticking the boxes', to making it a priority that management, staff and even the local community are truly motivated about.

EMAS Newsletter issue 5/ December 2012:

2012 ends with a highlight for us!

It was a real pleasure for me to open the 2012 EMAS Awards on 29 November. This year, the awards ceremony was held at the beautifully restored historic complex "Les Halles des Tanneurs" in Brussels, Belgium.

EMAS Newsletter issue 4/ October 2012:

Welcome to the EMAS community!

This autumn is an eventful season for the EMAS community. We reported on four new EMAS registrations: two hotels, Martin's Central Park in Brussels and Scandic Potsdamer Platz in Berlin; the first EMAS site outside Europe, UPM's Uruguay pulp mill; and even Ferrari's Mugello auto race track are all improving their environmental performance with EMAS.

EMAS Newsletter issue 3/ August 2012:

Everyone is talking about the green economy!

At this year’s Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, this new sustainability concept was widely discussed among politicians, businesses and civil society organisations. In a green economy, businesses value the resources and ecological services that the environment provides for them and their customers, and account for the material and financial value that they extract from natural capital.

EMAS Newsletter issue 2/ June 2012:

We all have something to celebrate!

In this EMAS Newsletter, we are excited to announce that EMAS registered businesses came in first in the latest ranking of sustainability reports in Germany. Both in the categories for large companies and for small and medium-sized companies, being EMAS registered not only ensured that organisations’ environmental performance surpassed that of other businesses, but also put these organisations at an advantage when it came to compiling systematic and transparent environmental reports.

EMAS Newsletter issue 1/ February 2012:
Presenting the first issue of the new EMAS newsletter!

We have changed the format of the newsletter in order to provide you with fresh information on the latest developments and exciting events around EMAS more frequently. With this new format we would also like to stimulate dialogue in our EMAS social network forums. We will post newsletter articles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well. Join us online!

EMAS Newsletter issue 4/ December 2011: ( EN, PDF, 1503Kb)
Congratulations to the European EMAS Award winners

Last November we praised the excellent performance of EMAS registered organisations at the EMAS Awards in Cracow, Poland. These organisations demonstrate excellence in involving their stakeholders and in achieving their environmental goals. This newsletter highlights this year's winners of the 2011 EMAS Awards, also noting EMAS's increasing use of social media to connect with stakeholders and the public at large.

EMAS Newsletter issue 3/ September 2011: ( EN, PDF, 1610Kb)
Managing indirect environmental aspects with EMAS

EMAS registered organisations’ commitment to environmental protection is not limited to the organisations themselves. It also applies to their interaction with stakeholders. This newsletter focuses on how organisations specialised in production processes handle ecological issues, the administrative or investment decisions they make, and how they assess the impact of their activities or a broader scale.


EMAS Newsletter issue 2/ June 2011: ( EN, PDF, 794Kb)
EMAS and innovation

Many studies confirm that companies which are able to come up with innovative solutions for global challenges, such as climate change or resource depletion, are rewarded in the market. This certainly holds true for EMAS registered companies and organisations all across Europe.
In this Newsletter we provide you with information on how EMAS spurs innovation and gives companies a competitive edge in the market.



EMAS Newsletter issue 1 / March 2011: ( EN, PDF, 647Kb)
EMAS and Biodiversity

After the United Nations International Year of Biodiversity came to an end, the challenge of understanding and managing the impact of biodiversity on the bottom lines of companies and organisations has just begun.
This newsletter provides with information on the links between nature and economy, as well as discussions about the ways in which biodiversity protection can be achieved by both private and public organisations and events to raise biodiversity awarness as the the European Business and Biodiversty campaing.


Issue 4/2010 (pdf EN, PDF,772 Kb),This final Newsletter for 2010 provides highlights of two major events held in November – the EMAS Conference and EMAS Awards took place back-to-back in Brussels.

Issue 3/2010 (pdf EN, PDF,2 Mb),EMAS boosts resource efficiency. Doing more with less - resource efficiency - means decoupling economic growth from the use of resources.

Issue 2/2010 (pdf EN, PDF,847 Kb), Step up to excellent performance - transition from a Non-formal EMS to EMAS. This issue focuses on how organisations can upgrade an existing EMS to EMAS in order to register to the premium benchmark for environmental management. It also presents the 'Step Up to EMAS' study which provides valuable information to achieve this transition.

Issue 1/2010 (pdf EN, PDF,667 Kb), EMAS III – enhanced performance, credibility and transparency. This first issue produced by the new Helpdesk focuses on the new elements of the EMAS III Regulation and gives advice on implementation procedures. This latest revision of the EMAS Regulation which came into force on 11 January 2010, strengthens the scheme’s “best practice approach towards environmental management and sustainable development.

Issue 3/2009 (pdf EN, PDF,651 Kb), This issue of the EMAS newsletter focuses on the European EMAS Award winners 2009.

Issue 2/2009 (pdf EN, PDF,821 Kb), This issue of the EMAS Newsletter focuses on Sustainable Consumption and Production issues, the agriculture sector and the religious institutions.

Issue 1/2009 (pdf EN, PDF,300 Kb), This issue of the EMAS Newsletter introduces diffrent approaches by EMAS clubs and networks in Europe to winning more, in-depth specialist knowledge and to exchange of experiences in order to maintain and further improve individual environmental management systems.

Issue 1/2008 (pdf EN, PDF, 561 Kb), on CO2 reduction and renewable energy, identifies the extent to which industry, local authorities and the education sector have embraced the issue and are reducing their emissions.

Issue 4/2007 (pdf EN, PDF,559 Kb) investigates how organisations nominated for the Awards and Award winners Municipality of Telfs (AT), Multiprint Ltd. (AT), Gustavsberg AB (Sweden) and Grundfos A/B (Denmark) have integrated innovative strategies for waste reduction into their EMAS.

Issue 3/2007 (pdf EN, PDF, 403 Kb). In this issue, renowned experts from EMAS registered national parks in Spain and Italy demonstrate why they have chosen EMAS as the tool for managing protected areas.

Issue 02/2007 (pdf EN, 561 Kb) investigates the various approaches Member States have taken to make use of EMAS under the Procurement Directives 2004/18 and 2004/19, which have been implemented in 2006.

Issue 01/2007 (pdf EN, PDF, 587 Kb) takes up one of the central issues in environment, the companies’ energy consumption and its related effciency.
Newsletter 01/2007 is available in all EU languages. The PDF can be downloaded for printing.
BG, CS, DA, DE, ET, EL, EN, ES, FI, FR, HU, IT, LT, LV, MT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SK, SL, SV (370 Kb respectively)

Issue 04/2006 (pdf EN, 289Kb ) focuses on EMAS in the education sector.

Issue 03/2006 (pdf EN, 430Kb ) reports on EMAS registered organisations that have less than 15 employees.

Issue 02/2006 (pdf EN, 695Kb ) focuses on organisations that have renewed their registration under EMAS for at least three years.

Issue 01/2006 (pdf EN, 267Kb ) focuses on the health sector, where EMAS registrations have been growing steadily since 2001.

Issue EMAS and sporting events (pdf EN, 314Kb ) reports on the 20th Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Turin in February and March 2006, as the first ever truly "green" major sports events in Europe.

Issue 04/2005 (pdf EN, 277Kb ) focuses on EMAS in the European institutions, reporting inter alia on the European Commission and the European Environmental Agency.

Issue 03/2005 (pdf EN, 235Kb ) concentrates on EMAS in the new Member States where it supports both key industrial players exporting world-wide and SMEs.

Issue 02/2005 (pdf EN, 229Kb ) focuses on EMAS in tourism which is the 5th most popular sector with 200 hotels registered.

Issue 01/2005 (pdf EN, 276Kb ) highlights EMAS in industry which makes up 70% of all registrations.

Issue 03/2004 (pdf EN, 391Kb ) reports on the achievements EMAS provided to the Organising Committee of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin (TOROC).

Issue 02/2004 (pdf EN, 149Kb ) gives an overview on achievements local authorities have made to include an environmental management system following the EMAS regulation.

Issue 01/2004 (pdf EN, 138Kb ) focuses on the efforts SMEs made to harvest EMAS benefits for very small organisations.

Issue 02/2003 (pdf EN, 99Kb ) focuses on the transport sector.

Issue 01/2003 (pdf EN, 132Kb ) includes a description of the UK REMAS project, an interview with the recently EMAS registered Dani sh EPA and a short article about the ECOCAMPING initiative.

Issue 02/2002 (pdf EN, 108Kb ) reports on the largest EU local authority to have achieved EMAS and the experiences made by the first EMAS registered zoo.

Issue 01/2002 (pdf EN, 106 Kb ) includes a report on the EMAS II conference, an interview with the Director of Environmental Protection at BMW and accounts on best practices in the financial sector.

EMAS Aktuell (pdf EN, 483 Kb ) in English: The German Environmental Verifiers Committee published a special issue of the regular German EMAS-newsletter "EMAS AKTUELL": No. 5 from April 2005. Texts with only national relevance have not been translated and are marked with a small German flag symbol.


Brochure - 3x3 Good reasons for EMAS

The new EMAS brochure provides 9 reasons as to why a company or organisation should register for EMAS: resource efficiency, climate protection, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), legal compliance, supply chain management & Green Public Procurement (GPP), credible information, performance measurement, employee engagement, and stakeholder involvement. The new brochure also outlines the differences and complementarities of EMAS and ISO 14001. It gives a thorough explanation of each reason for registering with EMAS, highlights EMAS's defining characteristics and illustrates EMAS' stepwise implementation process.

Brochure - 3x3 Good reasons for EMAS

Download the brochure here:
pdf EN



The EMAS leaflet provides a quick insight into the scheme. It includes benefits for participating organisations and detailed instructions on the steps to registration.

The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

Download the leaflet version 2011:
pdf EN, BG, CS, DA, DE, EL, ES, ET, FI, FR, HU, IT, LT, LV, MT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SK, SL, SV


Fact Sheets

The fact sheets will be drafted on specific subjects where the need for more detailed information has been identified. The fact sheets can easily be printed and photocopied on double-sided paper so that you can use them as hand-outs.

EMAS Tourism

Fact Sheet "EMAS in the tourism sector"

  • pdf  EN (PDF high definition, 491Kb)
EMAS and ISO 26000

Fact Sheet "EMAS and ISO 26000"

  • pdf  EN (PDF high definition, 437Kb)
Superior Environmental Management Worldwide

Fact Sheet "EMAS Global: Superior Environmental Management Worldwide"

  • pdf  EN (PDF high definition, 513Kb)
The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

Fact Sheet "EMAS and ISO 14001: complementarities and differences"

  • pdf  EN (PDF high definition, 833Kb)
The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

Fact Sheet "The links between EMAS and energy management according to EN 16001"

  • pdf  EN, DE, FR (PDF high definition, 514Kb)
  • pdf  EN (PDF low definition, 203Kb)
The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

Fact Sheet "EMAS Boosts Resource Efficiency "

  • pdf  EN (PDF high definition, 497Kb)
  • pdf  EN (PDF low definition, 204Kb)
The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

Fact Sheet "EMAS Benefits"

  • pdf  EN,  DE,  FR (PDF high definition, 456Kb)
  • pdf  EN (PDF low definition, 183Kb)


Here you will find any additional documents that are specific in nature but useful for EMAS stakeholders.

EMAS Registered Hotels

A list of all EMAS registered hotels

  • pdf EN (853 Kb)