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EMAS - Performance, Credibility, Transparency

Eco-label Environmental Compliance Assistance Program Green Public Procurement

Verification: Environmental verifiers and Accreditation/Licensing Bodies

After an organisation has conducted an environmental review, set up an environmental policy and programme and carried out an internal audit, an environmental verifier ensures that an organisation seeking registration is in compliance with the requirements of the EMAS Regulation (verification). Environmental verifiers also verify the reliability, credibility and correctness of the data and information in the (updated) environmental statement and other environmental information provided by organisations (validation).

An Accreditation/Licensing Body is an independent, impartial institution or organisation responsible for the accreditation/issuing of licences to and supervision of environmental verifiers designated by Member States. The national Accreditation/Licensing Bodies establish, revise and update a list of environmental verifiers and their scope of accreditation/issuing licenses (according to NACE codes) in their Member State.