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EMAS - Performance, Credibility, Transparency

Eco-label Environmental Compliance Assistance Program Green Public Procurement

Developing: EMAS and enhancing its applicability: European Commission, Member States, Article 49 Committee and EMAS Helpdesk

The role of the European Commission is to ensure the proper implementation of the EMAS Regulation and to promote the scheme at the EU level for example by preparing sectoral reference documents including environmental performance indicators for specific sectors. Provisions with regard to the role of the European Commission can be found in Articles 42 to 49 of EMAS III.

Member States are responsible for establishing EMAS-relevant structures and procedures in their country and for providing the Commission with information on the implementation of the scheme. Member States launch support activities and promote the participation of organisations in EMAS on a national level. Provisions with regard to the role of Member States can be found in Articles 34 to 38 of EMAS III.

The Article 49 Committee is the Steering Committee of EMAS. Chaired by the European Commission, it represents the Member States and interest groups. The Committee meets several times a year to support the European Commission in practical issues concerning the implementation of the EMAS Regulation. Areas in which the Committee has to be involved are defined by the EMAS Regulation; they include amongst others: finding ways to disseminate best practices for the promotion of the scheme, adopting rules for the use of the EMAS logo, revising and updating the Annexes of the Regulation.

The EMAS Helpdesk collects information from Member States about the registered organisations and accredited/licensed environmental verifiers on behalf of the European Commission and provides promotional and information services to all interested parties via the EMAS website and by phone/fax/email.