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Strategic Environmental Assessment

In order to promote the application of SEA in the EU the Commission initiates and contributes to studies, reports and guidance documents. These can be of interest to authorities, developers, consultants, researchers, organisations and to the public.

Reference documents:

Commission guidance documents and reports on the application and effectiveness of the SEA Directive:

Studies and reports:

  • Manual on Strategic Environmental Assessment of Transport Infrastructure Plans - 2005 - prepared by DG Energy and Transport
    BEACON manual (pdf~1,4M) Factsheets (pdf~1,2M)

Other documents:

  • SEA workshop report, Semmering, Austria - 1998 (full text in PDF format ~90K)
  • SEA workshop report, Potsdam, Germany - 1998 (summary in PDF format)
  • EIA/SEA Research Strategy - 1997  (summary)
  • EIA/SEA Research Strategy - 1997  (summary)
  • SEA Case studies - 1997 (summary)
  • EIA/SEA Cost and benefits study -1996 (summary)
  • SEA of policy in Denmark -1996 (summary)
  • SEA Legislation and Procedures in the Community - 1995 (summary)
  • SEA Existing Methodology 1994  (summary in PDF format ~160K)