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Environmental Assessment

Study on the Assessment of Indirect and Cumulative Impacts as well as Impact interactions

Volume 2: Research Study and Findings

The study has been commissioned by the European Commission, Environment Directorate-General, in order to investigate the assessment of indirect and cumulative impacts, and interactions between impacts within the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) framework of the European Union (EU). The aim of the study is to determine how the assessment of these impact types is undertaken by Member States within the EU and to identify what methods are used elsewhere in the world. The result of this research is the preparation of practical guidelines to assess indirect and cumulative impacts and impact interactions, which would assist EIA practitioners and those involved in training activities.

Volume 2 sets out the results of the investigations carried out with the aim of establishing the extent to which cumulative and indirect impacts and impact interactions have been included within the Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) produced in 5 Member States of the EU (Finland, Germany, Greece, Portugal and the UK). The research was based on a series of questionnaires and consultations with EIA practitioners within the EU. It also sets out the conclusions and recommendations reached as a result of the study.

Volume 2 in PDF format (446K)