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In July, the Commission presented a package to speed up efforts to decarbonise all economic sectors, including land-use and forestry, plus a more comprehensive low-emission mobility strategy.

Climate action

Six outstanding environmental projects from across Europe collected the EU’s prestigious Natura 2000 Awards this year.

Nature and biodiversity

By buying environmentally friendly goods and services, EU governments can develop a sustainable, low-carbon and resource-efficient circular economy.

Economics, strategy and information

Each year, an estimated 88 million tonnes of food is wasted in the EU, which is around 20 % of food produced. Globally, food waste is thought to consume a quarter of all water used for farming.


Vicky Pollard, Environment and Climate Counsellor at the EU delegation in Beijing, talks green tech, international cooperation and clamping down on polluters.

International issues

Invasive alien species are a serious and growing problem across the European Union. They are a major cause of biodiversity loss, inflicting economic and social damage that costs the European economy over EUR 12 billion per year.

Nature and biodiversity

For four decades, the European Union has been helping to ensure that people everywhere in Europe can be confident of swimming in clean, safe waters. This year's bathing water report shows that after 40 years of steady improvement, 96 % of monitored bathing sites in Europe meet minimum water quality standards, with 84 % categorised as excellent.

Water, marine and coast

How can EU funding help hotels in Spain or small companies in the Czech Republic save on energy bills and cut greenhouse gas emissions? One answer is Private Finance for Energy Efficiency, a new initiative that supports energy efficiency improvements by businesses, individuals and public bodies across Europe.

Green Week

Nature is the bedrock of a green economy and any sustainable future. It makes our air cleaner, reduces the danger of floods, restores our ecosystems, and helps fight climate change. Innovative financial instruments can trigger more private and public investment needed to keep our countryside healthy and productive in the long run.

Green Week

A green economy offers new job opportunities. Ensuring that current and future workers have the right skills is essential for the successful transition to a circular economy, and requires significant investment.

Green Week