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Success Stories

Learn about some of our exemplary licence holders and discover the success that they have experienced with the EU Ecolabel.



Ferro Group:  Licence holder - sanitary tapware

“Our products used to have a shorter guarantee, but after small, yet strategic improvements, we doubled their lifespan (judging from the performed tests). In particular, for the parts that are most vulnerable to users and water, we have doubled the lifespan from 2-3 years to 5-6 years. Whole faucets can last more than 20 years, with the easy replacement of small parts. The longevity of our products also shows that to be awarded the EU Ecolabel is a mark of quality too”.



A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnologia: Licence holder - all-purpose cleaners

“The organisation’s strategy is based on searching for alternative methods to traditional chemical products by using the EU Ecolabel criteria, undertaking biotechnology and studying the early design phase to assess the impact of all products throughout their lifecycle”.



Carrefour France - Retailer licence holder: Paints and varnishes, laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, all purpose cleaners, tissue paper.

“We favour the EU Ecolabel for the EcoPlanet brand whenever the product group criteria exists as it has a quality guarantee and improved environmental product performance. Furthermore, its EU-wide validity is an advantage for companies like ours who operate in various European countries.”



Coop Italia - Retailer licence holder: laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, tissue paper, and copy and graphic paper products.

“In 2009, we developed our eco-store brand, Vivi Verde, to expand these [sustainability, health, and fair trade] values to our food and non-food products. It has become a respected product line that we can see consumers trust, and part of that is due to marketing the Vivi Verde brand in our stores together with the EU Ecolabel”.



Elite: Licence holder - bed mattresses

“We avoid all types of toxic products, because today we are aware that the chemicals we inhale during our sleep can remain in our blood stream. The EU Ecolabel certification assures customers that our products’ ecological features and their overall impact on the environment are sound.”



United Kingdom

Disposables UK Group: Licence holder - tissue paper

“Our sales team quickly grasped the advantages of the EU Ecolabel accreditation, which gave them the confidence to enthusiastically communicate these benefits to our customers. In turn, our customer base was very receptive of the development of our ‘green’ EU Ecolabel product range.”

Disposables UK Group



Lenzing AG: Licence holder - textiles

“Since the EU Ecolabel undergoes revisions, a company interested in applying for the EU Ecolabel must be willing to continuously improve its performance. Once a company becomes a licence holder, it is a smart idea for the company to stay active and take part in the discussion linked with the revision process in order to evaluate its own performance at that given moment.”



Boutiquehotel Stadthalle: Licence holder - tourist accommodation services

“This reputation [as an EU Ecolabel licence holder] steadily solidified as an increasing number of suppliers approached us with their eco-friendly products, ready to become partners. Thanks to this, our market expanded to the point where we now welcome international eco-friendly travellers on a regular basis”.