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Retailers and the EU Ecolabel

Retailers and the EU Ecolabel

How retailers can support the EU Ecolabel:

  • Ecolabelling products sold under their own brand name;
  • Strongly encouraging or requesting suppliers to apply for the EU Ecolabel for their products;
  • Increasing the number of EU Ecolabelled products on the shelves and placing them in visibly prominent places so shoppers take notice;
  • Integrating the EU Ecolabel into their communication campaigns and promotions;
  • Informing the consumer so they can make green choices.

Retailers have a key position in the product value chain because they can choose which products to put on their shelves. They can influence both consumer and producer behaviour.

According to a study led by BEUC (the European Consumers' Organisation), "Consumers are drowning in green claims made by producers of different articles on the European market. The result being that consumers do not know which labels to trust or they have given up trying to understand the difference between them."

EU Ecolabel guarantees a high level of transparency, reliability and scientific credibility, which meets customers’ green demands. And, unlike other environmental information or labelling, no technical understanding is required to read and understand the label. By choosing Ecolabelled products, consumers automatically make an environmentally friendly choice.

Supporting the EU Ecolabel is a winning choice for you as a retailer. Not only do you boost your corporate image, you can fulfil consumers’ increasing demand for truly environmentally sustainable products. Your action will also support manufacturers that make credible green choices.

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