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Past Events

Please find below a list of events of interest to EU Ecolabel stakeholders and the public:


Date Title Venue
26 – 28 October 2016 The European Forum on Eco-innovation Forum
A key event for stakeholders from business, finance and relevant technology fields as it provides a broad platform to discuss strategies related to eco-innovation.

In the products and services category ALGO PAINT, sustainable and eco-friendly algae-based decorative paint (EU Ecolabel product) was proposed for an award.
Tallin, Estonia
18 - 20 October 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Global Ecolabelling Network
Within the framework of the event the presentation on Circular Economy package and its main principles and how the EU Ecolabel can acts as a pioneer in promoting circular economy was given by European Commission.
Kiev, Ukraine
27 - 28 September 2016 Global Green Destination Day
The EU Ecolabel was given recognition to sustainable tourist accommodations and campsites across Europe. It is a proud partner of the 2016 Global Green Destinations Day, and the European Commission joined the celebration of World Tourism Day in Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016.
Ljubljana, Slovenia


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