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Here you can find news about the EU Ecolabel and learn about upcoming developments.

EU Ecolabel and EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) assessed under REFIT

The Commissions Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT) aims to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, relevance and EU added value of specific parts of the EU acquis. The EU Ecolabel and EMAS Regulations have been selected to be part of this exercise. The Steering Group following the EU Ecolabel and EMAS REFIT has now agreed on the mandate of this assessment, which describes the scope, aim and questions to be addressed by the fitness check.

EU Ecolabel News Alert

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2013 Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) Conference

GEN members and interested stakeholders from all around the world participated in the annual conference on ecolabelling, hosted by the European Commission.

2011 EU Ecolabel Communications Award

Learn more about the winners of the 2011 EU Ecolabel Communications Award.

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9 April 2010: Pindo Delli case is closed:

Following the Report "EU Ecolabel allows forest destruction - The case of Pindo Deli" issued by FERN on 9 April 2010, the Commission asked AFNOR, the French EU Ecolabel Competent Body, to carry out an in depth investigation to verify Pindo Deli's compliance with the criteria. This investigation was requested as the Commission was very concerned about the situation that could have been potentially very damaging for the EU Ecolabel image at the eyes of consumers and other stakeholders.

The Audit carried out by AFNOR has now been finalised. Read the conclusions.

The Audit clearly proved that there was full compliance with the criteria of the EU Ecolabel for copying and graphic paper valid at that time, especially on criterion 3 - sustainable forest management.