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Meetings Corner 2014

The European Commission regularly holds meetings for stakeholders to engage in development of product group criteria, as well as to discuss issues relating to the EU Ecolabel. The tables below list forthcoming meetings, as well as minutes from previous meetings.

AHWG = Ad-hoc working group
EUEB = European Union Ecolabelling Board
RC = Regulatory Committee
CB = Eco-label Competent Bodies
BU5 = Avenue de Beaulieu 5, B-1160 Brussels, Meeting Rooms A, B, C
CCAB = Conference Centre "Albert Borschette", Rue Froissart 36 B-1030 Brussels

Date Meeting Place Length
13 February 2nd AHWG Lighting Sources BU-5, room C All Day
10-11 March CB Forum

BU-5, room C

 All Day

12-13 March EUEB

CCAB, room 2B

 All Day

14 March Regulatory Committee

CCAB, room 4B

All Day

12 May 2nd AHWG: Computers CCAB, room 4C All Day
13 May 2nd AHWG: Televisions CCAB, room 4C All Day
14 May 2nd AHWG: Footwear CCAB, room 4C All Day
15 May 2nd AHWG: Furniture CCAB, room 4C All Day
16 May 2nd AHWG: Soil Improvers and Growing Media CCAB, room 4C All Day
16 June CB Forum BU-5, room C All Day
17 June EUEB BU-5, room C All Day
18 June EUEB CCAB, room 3C All Day
1 Oct 1st AHWG: Tourist Accommodation and Campsite Services Seville All Day
2 Oct 1st AHWG: Wooden Floor Coverings Seville All Day
3-4 November CB Forum
5-6 November EUEB
7 November Regulatory Committee

If you would like to participate in the open sessions of the European Union Ecolabelling Board (EUEB) meetings, please send an email to :

Find more information on the development of criteria and the different Ad Hoc Working Groups meetings.