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Facts and Figures

Competent Body Statistical Reporting

The EU Ecolabel, which was launched in 1992 by the European Commission in light of developing a Europe-wide voluntary environmental labelling scheme that consumers could trust, now has 38 760 products and services comprised by 1 998 licences (as of the September 2016 reporting period).

Chart and graphic representations of Competent Bodies’ biannual statistical reports on licences and products/services since December 2012 can be found in each biannual issue of the News Alert Special Editions. Upon the European Commission’s objective to ensure statistical comparability, a guidance on how to report the number of EU Ecolabel licences and products/services was released to all Competent Bodies, setting a standard of how data shall be reported on the EU level for statistical purposes. Consequently, this Facts and Figures page is updated biannually, starting from the harmonised September 2014 reporting period.

Statistical Overview

The following two charts show the evolution of EU Ecolabel licences and products/services since the harmonised September 2014 reporting period. Updates are performed on these graphs every six months in March and September.

Specificities on the reporting periods:

EU Ecolabel product and service group criteria are revised for pertinence on a recurrent basis by the European Commission. In case the new criteria enter into force, the old licenses lose their validity after a transition period.

For this reason, a notable drop in EU Ecolabel licences and products/service was seen in March 2016, in line with the expiry of the following product group criteria which had a significant amount of awarded products: “indoor paints and varnishes”, “outdoor paints and varnishes”, “soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners”. From March until September 2016, a significant amount of these licences were reintegrated into the scheme after reassessment against the new criteria for each of its corresponding product groups. This upswing in licences and products/services is illustrated in the September 2016 statistics.



Statistical Reporting Periods

The below graphs, that correspond to the newest of each reporting period, refer to the number of licences and its corresponding products and services that are awarded by each EEA country. Please note that EU Ecolabel products can be sold across European countries as well as worldwide, however product availability per country is not displayed in the graphs below.

All statistics are subject to modification at any given time.

September 2016 Reporting Period

Total EU Ecolabel Licences Per Country

During this reporting period, the largest number of EU Ecolabel licences was awarded in France (26%), Italy (18%), and Germany (12%).

Specificities on the reporting period:

Iceland has not awarded any EU Ecolabel licences.


Total EU Ecolabel Products and Services Per Country

Out of the total licences in this reporting period, the majority of products/services comprised within this total are from Italy (46%), France (10%), and Spain (9%).

Specificities on the reporting period:

Iceland has not awarded any EU Ecolabel products or services.