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Criteria Development and Revision

  • Following consultation with the European Union Ecolabelling Board (EUEB), the Commission, Member States, Competent Bodies and other stakeholders may initiate and lead the development or revision of EU Ecolabel criteria.
    Proposing a new EU Ecolabel product group or leading a criteria development process requires significant resources and time from the proposer. This complex process has to be developed in close collaboration with the European Commission. The proposer will be expected to provide supporting documentation (preliminary report, proposal for draft criteria and associated draft criteria, final report and final draft criteria, user manual for Competent Bodies and potential licence holders) to the Commission that will be discussed at the EUEB meeting.

    • Before submitting a product group proposal, please visit the Product Group and Criteria page to ensure that your proposed product/service group does not fit within one of the existing EU Ecolabel product groups’ criteria. 
    • Medicinal and intermediate products (i.e. plastics, packaging material) as well as food items are excluded from the EU Ecolabel scheme and will not be considered.


    • At the Ad-Hoc Working Group (AHWG) meetings level, the EU Ecolabel criteria are drafted according to the results of the preparatory work. The preparatory work includes feasibility, environmental and market studies, improvement analysis and revision of existing life cycle analysis or implementation of new analysis where necessary.
    • EUEB discusses the drafts during the criteria development process.
    • A draft of the criteria is circulated among the relevant services of the European Commission for approval.
    • The draft of the criteria is approved by the EUEB.
    • A vote is taken by a Regulatory Committee of national authorities.
    • Criteria are adopted through a Commission Decision.
    • The Commission Decision is published in the Official Journal.

    From start to finish, this process takes on average 2 years.
    To apply to lead the EU Ecolabel criteria development or revision process:

    • The applicant shall:
      • Demonstrate expertise in the proposed product group area, as well as the ability to lead the process with neutrality and in line with the aims of the EU Ecolabel Regulation.
      • Be capable of building up a consortium consisting of more than one interest group.
      • Draw up: a preliminary report, proposal for draft criteria and associated draft criteria, final report and final draft criteria, user manual for Competent Bodies and potential licence holders.
    • Only if the applicant meets the general criteria above, should they download and thoroughly complete the Proposal to lead EU Ecolabel criteria revision or development process form and send it to the EU Ecolabel Helpdesk .
    • The Helpdesk sends a confirmation email to the applicant and may request additional information before sending it to the European Commission.
    • The European Commission may contact the applicant to discuss her/his potential role as an EU Ecolabel criteria development/revision leader.
    • The EU Ecolabel Helpdesk or the European Commission will contact the applicant to inform if his/her proposal was accepted or rejected.

    Visit the Joint Research Centre for more information and to participate in the ongoing developments/ revisions of the EU Ecolabel criteria.