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25th Anniversary of the EU Ecolabel

Registration for DG ENV webinar on Environmental Responsibility for Retailers: 26/06 from 16h-17h30 CET

The EU Ecolabel promotes Europe's transition to a circular economy, supporting both sustainable production and consumption. Thanks to transparent ecological criteria, consumers can make conscious choices, without compromising on the quality of the products. Similarly, the EU Ecolabel rewards those manufacturers and retailers who choose to develop products that are durable and repairable, in addition to tourist accommodations which promote innovation and saving resources. With almost 39,000 products and services on the market, the EU Ecolabel is recognised across Europe.

The European Commission is planning communicational activities including a series of webinars, social media campaigns, competitions and events around the whole year to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the EU Ecolabel.

If you are interested to register for the upcoming webinar, “Environmental Responsibility for Retailers” that will take place on 26/06, receive information on other communication activities, or - even better - become one of the supporting partners of these actions please sign up here..

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