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EcoAp website goes live


The EcoAp website is open for submissions: showcase your eco-innovative thinking or cutting edge practice.

Welcome to the new EcoAP website.

In line with the shift in the European Commission’s focus from environmental technologies to eco-innovation, the website has been upgraded to better serve the EcoAP community: those specialists and policymakers who are involved in the implementation of the European Union’s Eco-Innovation Action Plan and to some extent, the wider eco-innovation community.

The website’s objective is to support EcoAP implementation by supplying relevant information, organised in a more effective, user-friendly way, and by providing interactive features that will make it easier to exchange ideas and good practice. More information about these will be published in due course.

The website will reflect that eco-innovation is not just about greater efficiency or cleaner technologies – though these will remain crucial – but about new thinking, behavioural change, social innovation and all the other ingredients that will move society onto a more sustainable track. Eco-innovation is also, for example, about thinking of waste as a resource, or about organisational change so that companies, large institutions and even countries make sustainability one of their core values.

For that reason, the EcoAP website will showcase, alongside technological innovation, new strategies, approaches and good practices, entrepreneurial endeavours and original thinking about eco-innovation. We will highlight the ideas that will put eco-innovation at the heart of economic development and job creation.

To do this, input from the EcoAP community is needed. This website will be a forum for sharing information about developments in different countries and regions, in companies, research institutes and civil society organisations. Tapping into the experience of the eco-innovation community is the crucial condition for the success of the eco-innovation agenda. Get in touch now to showcase your eco-innovative thinking, or to highlight cutting edge eco-innovation practice.