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About Eco-innovation

  • This section covers articles on the decisions being taken to put Europe at the heart of innovation. Which country is coming up with clever ideas to boost the uptake of eco-innovation, legal steps to further the goals and who is putting what concepts into action – if you want an all round insight on decision-making, read on...

  • Sharing the way projects and regions of the EU have contributed to the success of eco-innovation is a useful way to avoid re inventing the wheel. This section will give you an insight how policies are being put to work and the great ideas showcased here could inspire you to do a spot of intellectual re-cycling.

  • Technological advances are cropping up all around us. Keep your finger on the pulse and see the ideas that are making it into the world around us. The many years that go into research and development highlight a team’s commitment to a concept – this section shows you Europe’s best.

  • The EU puts its money where its mouth is and when it comes to eco-innovation, there are a variety of funding opportunities available. To find out more about how the EU supports programmes and projects in the field of environmentally friendly innovation, take a close look here.

  • From politicians to venture capitalists and architects, the movers and shakers of eco-innovation across the EU share their ideas and their hopes in one-off interviews. Looking for inspiration? Or just curious? If you want to know about how to illuminate sustainable cities or getting clean-tech into India, you are in the right place.