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Dutch architects call for support for recycled island idea


A Dutch architectural practice has drawn up the blueprint for a “recycled island” that will make use of waste recovered from the marine environment to construct floating living spaces. The firm, WHIM Architecture, believes that the concept could be useful in low lying countries – such as the Netherlands – that might be vulnerable to greater levels of flooding because of climate change.

According to the plans, the island would be a self-sufficient, renewable-energy powered floating villa with a base made from plastic retrieved from the oceans combined with natural fibres, and could be made fertile by cultivating seaweed and reusing compostable waste.

WHIM Architecture is looking for support to turn its plans into reality. Its recycled island idea is one of several that have emphasised the potential of floating houses for low-lying areas that might be affected by rising sea levels. A similar example was the EUREKA FLOATEC project.

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