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Rewarding Europe’s best green businesses



Belgian, German, Spanish and UK companies won 2010 European Business Awards for the Environment. These recognise companies making an outstanding contribution to sustainable development.

Recipients of the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) successfully develop and implement innovative products or processes which have a positive environmental impact. The four winning projects in 2010 addressed the issues of energy efficiency, resource efficiency and/or technology transfer to developing countries – key priorities for the Environmental Technologies Action Plan.

These projects are an example of the business community’s willingness to address pressing environmental challenges through eco-innovations and green solutions. Moreover, they show that, in addition to being environmentally beneficial, such innovations can also be economically viable.

  • Management Award: The UK Findus Group received the Management Award for its ‘Fish for Life’ project. It was rewarded for developing a management system to support sustainable fishing, which could increase the resource efficiency of the sector.
  • Product Award: Belgian company EnergyICT developed the EIServer – an advanced energy-management system – which has been adopted by British retail giant Tesco. Using the EIServer, Tesco was able to reduce energy consumption by 20% across all its UK stores.
  • Process Award: Two pioneering Germany companies, Zenergy Power GmbH and Bültmann GmbH, developed an energy-efficient magnetic heating process for non-ferrous metals, which enables copper and aluminium billets to be shaped using 50% less energy. This cutting edge eco-innovation represents the first use of superconductor technology in an industrial process.
  • International co-operation: Spanish company Ferrovial – in collaboration with the AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation) – developed the ‘Water is life’ project. Through the transfer of water and sanitation technologies, 50 000 people in the Serengeti, Tanzania now have access to safe water.

The EBAE 2010 attracted 141 entries from 24 EU and candidate countries, the most since the competition was launched in 1987. Only finalists of their respective national competitions are eligible to enter. Winners were announced at a special ceremony in Brussels by European Environment Commissioner, Janez Poto─Źnik, on 2 June 2010.

“The more we are aware of the real and inherent value of our environment, the more effectively we will combine economic, social and environmental goals,” said Commissioner Poto─Źnik. “The companies involved in the European Business Awards for the Environment are a key element in this – demonstrating clearly their innovative abilities and the economic sense of applying eco-technologies and processes.”

The EBAE 2010 highlighted the fact that companies throughout Europe are developing measures to meet the goals of sustainable development. Such innovative projects can spur others to develop enterprises which make both environmental and financial sense.

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