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A complete acid resistant sewage system. A green solution for today's waste water problems (Thiotubes)

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Market-introduction of a complete and acid resistant sewerage system with pipes using a new binder from processing waste sulphur, coming from the petrochemical industry.We’ve developed a complete and acid resistant sewerage system (tubes and inspection pits) which is made from sulphur concrete. It's a green solution for today’s waste water problems which we aim to sell throughout Europe. Sulphur concrete is based upon modified sulphur, a by-product of gas processing, which completely replaces cement and water in concrete. This new material, called Thiomix, is resistant to acids (pH0-12) and 100% recyclable. Thiotubes will be a suitable alternative for vitrified clay pipes which are acid resistant but expensive, sensitive to installation and have a very high carbon footprint. On top inspection pits in this material are complex and difficult to install. In a first phase of this project we will roll-out an industrial production process in our own Belgian facilities and try to obtain a CE product-certificate for both pits and tubes. With this local production and with our own sales organization we will focus on the Benelux market. In a second phase of the project we will introduce our products into France and Germany. We will need to identify local partnerships to help with sales and logistics.  


A 100% recyclable and complete acid resistant sewerage system of tubes and inspection pits. It's a green alternative for ceramic tubes at low cost and with a low carbon footprint.


    • To set up a successful production of durable tubes and pits from Thiomix, with 75% less CO2 emissions and 20% cheaper than the production of Vitrified clay pipes and produced by a continuous automated production facility;
    • Obtain a CE-certificate for both Thiopits and Thiotubes;
    • Create partnerships among European companies in order to set up local sales and productions for the supply of Thiotubes and Thiopits throughout Europe;
    • Achieve a market share of 2.93 % by year 5 of the EU waste water tube market with Thiotubes;
    • Turn a waste (sulphur) into a resource by processing 18.732 tons in year 5 into Thiotubes.

Partners and coordinator

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Sint Anna Straat 55
9250 Waasmunster
Contact point: 
Filip De Bonte & Ellen De Bonte
+32 52473320


In brief

01/12/2014 to 30/11/2017
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