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Eco-innovation Sustainable Concrete Workshop

Eco-innovation Sustainable Concrete Workshop - Brussels - Tuesday 3 May 2012

A workshop on sustainable concrete was organized by the Eco-Innovation Unit as part of the CIP Eco-Innovation initiative on the 3rd May 2012 in Brussels. The aim was to bring together the ongoing Eco-innovation projects on sustainable concrete, to communicate their results, compare solutions, identify feedback for policy makers and to get first-hand information on the obstacles to the further market uptake of sustainable concrete.

Eight projects were presented at the workshop. A short summary of the projects follows:

1. PYRICE II (Coordinator: AGRINO)

The project concerns the development and pilot production of high-added value materials from rice husk ash and their market introduction. The partners are from Greece.

2. NUMIX (Coordinator: CETMA)

The project develops and introduce to the market 2 types of recycled plastic aggregates for lightweight concrete made of plastic scrap wastes destined to incineration or landfill. The two products are: expanded granules for lightweight concrete in place of expanded clay and densified flake for mortar and as raw material for the expanded granules. The partners are from Italy, Spain and Montenegro.

3. ECOCRETE (Coordinator: ARDORAN)

The project designs concrete mixes of improved environmental performance utilizing industrial waste or recycled aggregates on the basis of a software toolset. The toolset is applied to produce an improved concrete mix containing oil shale ash from Estonian power stations. The partners are from Estonia, Czech Republic and Finland.

4. EAMT (Coordinator: DIASEN)

The project brings to the market a new thermal brick with injected mortar formulated with recycled raw materials: Pumice stone for lighter mixture and higher thermal efficiency and polyester fibres for higher mechanical resistance. Three different thermal mortar applications were introduced: filling mortar, blocks coverage mortar, and bedding mortar. The partners are from Italy.

5. SUSTCON-EPV (Coordinator: AIDICO)

The project aims to facilitate the use of sustainable concrete technologies and the performance based qualification of concrete by developing an Environmental Technology Verification System, a Sustainability Index and a Quality Brand Label for concrete. The partners are from Spain and The Netherlands.

6. ECOWALL (Coordinator: ARDORAN)

The proposal aims to set up the production of modular composite concrete wall panels, with industrial waste and recycled materials. The partners are from Estonia and Germany.

7. RUCONBAR (Coordinator: University of Zagreb, Faculty of civil engineering)

The project uses rubber recycled from end-of-life tyres as a replacement for expanded clay granules in the manufacture of concrete-based acoustic panels. The partners are from Croatia.

8. GREEN-CAST (Coordinator: ACCIONA Infrastructuras)

The project produces lightweight construction components made of recycled fly ashes from thermal power plants, for different types of non-load bearing building applications. The partners are from Spain, Italy and Poland.

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