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Consultation on policy options to optimise water reuse in the EU

Policy field(s)

Environment, Water, Water Services

Target group(s)

Private citizens and Stakeholders

Period of consultation

From 30.07.2014 to 07.11.2014

Objective of the consultation

The aim of this consultation is to evaluate the most suitable EU-level instrument/s to foster water reuse, while ensuring the health and environmental safety of water reuse practices and the free trade of food products. The results of the consultation will be used as input for the preparation of the Impact Assessment covering all key areas of potential application of water reuse: agriculture, urban, industrial, and recreational uses (e.g. golf courses, bathing water), groundwater recharge, etc.


Reference documents and other, related consultations

Background document to the public consultation on policy options to optimise water reuse in the EU
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Contact details

responsible service



postal address

200, Rue de la Loi, 1049 Bruxelles, BELGIUM

View the contributions

In the interests of transparency, organisations have been invited to provide the public with relevant information about themselves by registering in the Interest Representative Register and subscribing to its Code of Conduct. If the organisation is not registered, the submission is published separately from the registered organisations.

Results of consultation

Protection of personal data

Specific privacy statement