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Exporters and Importers

An "exporter" includes the person holding the export contract, or in the absence of a contract, the person having the power to determine export of the chemical from the customs territory of the Community. In the case where the exporter is not established in the Community, the contracting Party established in the Community must fulfil the obligations of the exporter

The main provisions of the Regulation regarding the exporters are as follows:

  • To notify the DNA of the Member State concerned no later than 30 days prior to the first export of any chemical (either as substance itself or in preparation) listed in part 1 of Annex I and no later than 15 days prior to the first export in each subsequent calendar year.
  • To provide the DNA of the Member State concerned each year before 31 March with an annual report for the preceding year on quantities of chemicals in Annex I exported (similar obligation imposed on importers as regards imports). Any additional necessary information shall be provided upon request.
  • To ensure that all exported dangerous chemicals and preparations are packaged and labelled in accordance with the relevant EC legislation, as far as practicable in the official/principal language(s) of the importing country. Where appropriate, to indicate expiry and production dates on the label and provide safety data sheets.