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Chemical Review Committee (CRC): The CRC is a subsidiary body of the COP. Its members are government designated experts in chemicals management. Its responsibilities include reviewing notifications and proposals from Parties, and making recommendations to the COP on the addition of chemicals to Annex III of the Convention.

COP – Conference of the Parties: The Conference of the Parties oversees the operation of the Convention and makes decisions regarding amendments to the Convention, including the addition of chemicals to Annex III.

Decision Guidance Document (DGD): For each of the chemicals listed in Annex III to the Convention and subject to the PIC procedure, a decision guidance document is prepared and sent to all the Parties. The aim is to help governments assess the risks connected with the handling and use of the chemical and make more informed decisions about future import and the use of the chemical, taking into account local conditions.

Export Notification: An export notification informs an importing Party that it is going to receive a chemical that is banned or severely restricted in the exporting Party. The importing Party may take the opportunity to seek further information on the chemical. See Exporters and Importers.

Party: Parties are countries or regional economic integration organisations that have ratified, accepted, approved or acceded to the Convention. However, in the sense of the EU Regulation this definition goes wider, extending it to countries that have not ratified the Convention but participate in the PIC procedure. Each Party must designate one ore more national authorities. See Member States and Designated National Authorities.

Prior Informed Consent (PIC): The PIC procedure is a mechanism for formally obtaining and disseminating the decisions of importing Parties as to whether they wish to receive future shipments of those chemicals listed in Annex III of the Convention.