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Paper publications

May 2012 REACH 2013, Act Now!
Do you produce, import or use chemicals? This leaflet covers the REACH registration steps at a glance (pdf ~2,3MB)
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April 2012 Chemicals in the Environment and their Health Implications
August 2011

Considerations on the Application of the Precautionary Principle in the Chemicals Sector

June 2011

Assessing the Health and Environmental Impacts in the Context of Socio-economic Analysis Under REACH

Part 1: Literature Review and Recommendations

Part 2: The Proposed Logic Framework and Supporting Case Studies

November 2010

Updated Brochure on the new European Chemicals Regulation REACH (pdf ~500kB)
en fi sv
Other language versions will follow shortly.

May 2009

"Towards 2020: Making Chemicals Safer"
The EU's contribution to the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management
es fr

May 2009

European Chemicals Legislation: Information for Exporters to Europe What should your company know? (pdf ~291 KB) es en fr

October 2007

REACH in brief - Updated

July 2007

Questions and Answers on REACH (updated version from February 2007) (pdf 291KB)

June 2007

Brochure on the new European Chemical Regulation REACH (pdf ~624 KB)

open the REACH brochure

bg cs es da de et el en fr it lv lt hu mt nl pl pt ro sk sl fi sv

June 2007

Questions & Answers on REACH and the European Chemicals Agency (MEMO/07/218)

February 2006

Fact Sheet REACH - a new chemicals policy for the EU


REACH video

This video provides you with some examples of the dangers chemicals may pose to humans and the environment and how the new chemicals Regulation REACH will help to ensure a safer use of chemicals in the future.