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Animals used for scientific purposes

Search Tools

  • EURL ECVAM Search Guide (the Guide) – The Guide is particularly helpful to inexperienced database users. It represents a useful resource where comprehensive searches for alternatives are required as part of authorisation processes for animal experiments and where regulatory requirements mandate the application of the Three Rs. The Guide provides examples of search procedures and user guidance to facilitate the location of the desired information on Three Rs alternatives; it also includes an inventory of relevant resources, contains a check list (the seven golden steps) to allow for searches in a structured and systematic manner, moreover, search principles, suggested search terms etc. Free copies of the handbook or a pdf version are available from the EU Bookshop.

  • is a search engine for Norecopa's four databases: 3R Guide, NORINA, TextBase and Classic AVs. The search engine takes into consideration the words which have been entered by the user; an index of all the words in the databases; a list of synonyms constructed specifically for these databases; an "auto-complete" function which suggests search terms based on the search engine's own dictionary; algorithms which prioritise or suppress words depending on their relevance; Boolean operators, which the user can edit and "fuzzy logic" (words resembling those entered by the user). The user can limit the search to one or more of Norecopa's four databases, or to one or more of a variety of search fields and scientific disciplines.