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Animals used for scientific purposes


  • The list of AGRICOLA and Veterinary Science Journals are maintained by the United States Agricultural Information Network. It is an organization for information professionals that provides a forum for discussion of agricultural issues, takes a leadership role in the formation of a national information policy as related to agriculture, makes recommendations to the National Agricultural Library on agricultural information matters, and promotes cooperation and communication among its members.

  • ATLA is Alternatives to Laboratory Animals and published six times a year by FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments). It is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal, publishing articles on the latest research relating to the development, validation, introduction and use of alternatives to laboratory animals. ATLA reports on the latest news and events, reviews publications and products, and lists the most significant recent research papers.

  • ALTEX, edited by the Swiss Society ALTEX Edition, is the official journal of CAAT (the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing), EUSAAT (the European Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing), t4, the Transatlantic Think Tank for Toxicology (Baltimore, Utrecht, Konstanz), and the Doerenkamp chairs in Germany, India, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and USA. ALTEX is devoted to the publication of research on the development and promotion of alternatives to animal experiments.

  • Animal Welfare is an international scientific and technical journal. It publishes the results of peer-reviewed scientific research, technical studies and reviews. Generally, papers published in Animal Welfare are not available as 'open access' (available free to all) but through subscription to UFAW or 'pay per view' However, arrangements can be made for open access publication of papers where authors prefer this.

  • Applied Animal Behaviour Science is an international journal reporting on the application of ethology to animals managed by humans.      

  • Laboratory Animals is an international journal of laboratory animal science and welfare. Laboratory Animals publishes peer-reviewed original papers and reviews on all aspects of the use of animals in biomedical research. The journal promotes improvements in the welfare or well-being of the animals used, it particularly focuses on research that reduces the number of animals used or which replaces animal models with in vitro alternatives.

  • PLOS is a non-profit organization and publishes seven peer-reviewed open-access journals. They include PLOS ONE, which publishes all rigorous science across the full range of life and health sciences; the community journals (PLOS Genetics, PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS Pathogens, and PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases); and PLOS Medicine and PLOS Biology. PLOS journals also welcome publication of studies that did not prove the hypotheses (so called 'negative results').