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Natural Capital Accounting

The Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) workstream aims to help companies identify best practice guidance and tools available to support informed business decisions related to the environment and the development of natural capital accounting systems.

New report on NCA links with 'Net Impact':

The 2016 Natural Capital Accounting workstream final report on ‘Net Impact’ was launched at the B@B Annual Conference in The Hague on 23 November 2016. The document provides an overview of the concept of ‘Net Impact’ and explains its extensive links with Natural Capital Accounting and wider sustainability concepts such as the circular economy and green infrastructure. ‘Net Impact’ is also considered in relation to its relevance at a company, product and site/project level, as well as from a business, government and financial institution perspective.

The report finds that there are considerable potential advantages for businesses and global sustainability if net impact approaches become more widely adopted. However, requirements and incentives for businesses and financial institutions to apply net impact assessments structures need to be enhanced.

Click here to read the full report.

NCA Workstream Lead: Johan Lammerant, Arcadis