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2016 Output

The objective of Workstream 1 for 2016, as agreed by the Bureau, was to:

‘Investigate the links between natural capital accounting for businesses and the concept of ‘Net Impact’. It will be a relatively high level review exploring links between business, governments and financial institutions, and will cover corporate, product and project/site level applications.’

This briefing note introduced the Workstream 2016 work and outlined what is meant by the concept of “Net impact”.

The briefing note was accompanied by a questionnaire survey which was sent out to all B@B NCA workstream members, as well as other government and financial institute B@B members.

The survey (now completed) aimed to: explore the understanding of the concept of “Net impacts” among businesses, governments and financial institutions; identify potential approaches and methods used by these stakeholders; and identify practical examples of net impact assessments undertaken by the members.

The survey responses, together with a brief literature review, were used to inform a workshop discussion held in Brussels on 18th May 2016 (see meeting minutes). 

A draft report was then developed based on the aforementioned inputs and circulated to NCA workstream full members and all survey respondents for comment. The final report was subsequently completed in November 2016.

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