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Innovation for Biodiversity and Business

The Innovation workstream seeks to promote innovations that contribute to nature protection. The workstream provides opportunities for businesses, including SMEs, by showcasing innovative companies / business models and identifying opportunities for fostering new business models.

Through this workstream, we will:

  • Showcase innovative business models and companies involved in green infrastructure and ecological restoration (though other relevant business innovations might also be showcased);
  • Identify priorities for further research on critical issues relating to these innovations and opportunities for their further development;
  • Analyse opportunities at EU level to foster new business models, such as benefit corporations, which might contribute to nature and biodiversity objectives.

Innovation Workstream Lead: Guy Duke, Independent Consultant

News and updates

Call for Evidence: Innovations in business models, processes and offerings.

11 April 2013
B@B Members, Observers and Representatives are invited to participate in the work, by showcasing innovations in business models, business processes and/or business offerings, by contributing suggestions for further research and suggesting opportunities for further development of innovations, and by highlighting relevant new business models such as benefit corporations or social enterprise.

Other interested parties are also invited to contribute evidence in response to this call, and to Join the Platform. B@B Members, Observers and Representatives are encouraged to circulate this call to any companies they believe may be interested to respond and/or join.

This Call for Evidence introduces the issues that we will be exploring together, and the key questions that we would like you to help us address, and provides a template for your response.

All submissions will be duly referenced and acknowledged, while Observers that provide evidence of actions on their own organisation will be automatically eligible to become Full Members of the Innovation Workstream. The deadline for submission of replies is 15 May 2014.

Interested parties should submit their input by completing the Response Template and return this, along with any supporting material, to the Innovation Workstream lead: Guy Duke