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The launch of phase 2 of the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform website

8 April 2013
This week saw the launch of The website for of Phase 2 of the EU Business and Biodiversity (B@B) Platform was launched today, on the 8th of April, 2014. The B@B platform brings together EU businesses to develop tools and approaches that integrate biodiversity considerations into business practice. The B@B Platform also helps to coordinate and to raise awareness of innovative national and international initiatives, and showcase business best practices at EU level. The platform is open to businesses in all sectors and also brings together experts and stakeholders from business, as well as representatives from government, industry sectors and NGOs.

The first phase of the B@B Platform, launched in 2008, identified the key role that businesses have to play as a partner in helping the EU to deliver its biodiversity commitments, especially the EU Biodiversity Strategy. Phase 2 of the B@B platform provides a mechanism for sustained, strategic dialogue between the Commission and Business to support the achievement of 2020 objectives in the EU Biodiversity Strategy