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EU Business and Biodiversity Platform Bureau Meeting – 8 July 2014 – Brussels

30 June 2014
The first EU Business and Biodiversity Platform Bureau Meeting will take place in Brussels on July 8, 2014. Bureau Advisors - from business, Member States, NGOs and Commission Services - will meet and discuss the work carried out by the EU B@B Platform and its members. Discussion topics will include: reviewing the results so far, identifying the most promising opportunities, links with relevant initiatives, upcoming events of mutual interest and next steps including brainstorming on the 2015 workstreams.

Online Consultation on the EU No Net Loss Initiative – 8 July 2014 – Brussels

26 June 2014
The European Commission has launched an online consultation on a future EU initiative to halt biodiversity loss. Achieving “No Net Loss” would require that all planned developments which are expected to have an impact on biodiversity adhere to a strict "mitigation hierarchy", whereby priority is given, first, to avoiding or preventing negative impacts; second, where impacts cannot be avoided, to minimising damage and rehabilitating their effects; and lastly, to offsetting or compensating for residual adverse impacts. The consultation asks interested citizens, public authorities, business and NGOs for their views on a future No Net Loss Initiative at EU level. Ideas and comments are welcome on how to develop the policy, how to ensure that impacts are avoided, minimised and compensated for; the scope and the scale of the initiative; which drivers of biodiversity loss and which economic sectors to include; how to tackle the challenges related to offsetting and the choice of policy instruments to use.

This initiative is one of the actions foreseen in the EU Biodiversity Strategy. The consultation, and background information can be found at the DG Environment website.

The consultation will be online until 26 September 2014

Green Week 2014 Session on "Monitoring the State of Natural Capital for a truly circular economy" – 4 June 2014 – Brussels

10 June 2014
Green Week 2014, the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, hosted a dedicated session on Natural Capital Accounting on 4 June 2014. This provided insights on the increasing number of initiatives, both within the public and the private sector, that recognise the importance of analysing and monitoring the state of natural capital and how we impact and depend on it. The session identified the areas of focus by governments and companies in assessment and accounting of natural capital and discussed possible next steps for scaling up good practice examples at macro and micro level.

High-Level Conference on Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services (MAES) in Europe - 22 May 2014 – Brussels

23 May 2014
On 22 May 2014, International Biodiversity Day, the European Commission hosted a high-level Conference to highlight the policy relevance of MAES. The conference provided a platform to present the work undertaken to date at EU and Member State level as well as contributions from key stakeholders. It demonstrated how reliable, high-quality information on the state of ecosystems and the services they provide can contribute to the advancement of biodiversity objectives, and to the integration of natural capital concerns into the EU. For more information please visit the MAES website.

Expressions of interest invited in new Natural Capital Financing Facility

29 April 2014
The Natural Capital Financing Facility (NCFF) will be a new EU financial instrument funded by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission. The NCFF will provide innovative financial solutions to support bankable projects, which are or have the potential to be revenue-generating or cost-saving, promoting the conservation, restoration, management and enhancement of natural capital. It will be complemented by technical assistance to support project preparation, implementation and monitoring.

The NCFF will provide debt and equity finance for projects in the following fields:

  • Green infrastructure (e.g. green roofs, green walls, ecosystem-based rainwater collection / water reuse systems, flood protection and erosion control).
  • Payment for ecosystem services (e.g. programmes to protect and enhance forestry, biodiversity, to reduce water or soil pollution).
  • Biodiversity offsets / compensation beyond legal requirements (e.g. compensation pools).
  • Pro-biodiversity and adaptation businesses (e.g. sustainable forestry, agriculture, aquaculture, eco-tourism).

Further details are provided in the attached document.

Ernst & Young France and ICF GHK are currently undertaking a study for EIB to identify a potential pipeline of projects for the NCFF, and would welcome ideas and approaches from anyone with a potential interest in the facility, whilst recognising that final eligibility criteria are still under development.  For further information, please contact:

Alexis Gazzo -

Matt Rayment -

The launch of phase 2 of the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform website

8 April 2013
This week saw the launch of The website for of Phase 2 of the EU Business and Biodiversity (B@B) Platform was launched today, on the 8th of April, 2014. The B@B platform brings together EU businesses to develop tools and approaches that integrate biodiversity considerations into business practice. The B@B Platform also helps to coordinate and to raise awareness of innovative national and international initiatives, and showcase business best practices at EU level. The platform is open to businesses in all sectors and also brings together experts and stakeholders from business, as well as representatives from government, industry sectors and NGOs.

The first phase of the B@B Platform, launched in 2008, identified the key role that businesses have to play as a partner in helping the EU to deliver its biodiversity commitments, especially the EU Biodiversity Strategy. Phase 2 of the B@B platform provides a mechanism for sustained, strategic dialogue between the Commission and Business to support the achievement of 2020 objectives in the EU Biodiversity Strategy