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The EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform: Phase 2

The European Business and Biodiversity (B@B) Platform provides an EU level forum for sustained and strategic dialogue about the links between business and biodiversity. Through three separate thematic workstreams, the Platform delivers tangible results by working with business to develop tools and approaches that integrate biodiversity considerations into business practice. The B@B Platform also helps to coordinate and to raise awareness of innovative national and international initiatives, and showcase business best practices at EU level. Look at the different types of memberships and the multiple benefits you can reap from the B@B Platform.


  • 11 July 2016

    Third EU B@B Annual Conference: express your interest!

    As the agenda of the “Third EU B@B Annual Conference | Taking Stock, Looking Forward” is taking shape, the Platform is launching a call for expression of interest for potential speakers. This is addressed to all members of the EU B@B Platform and is your chance to present your recent activities in the area of business and biodiversity to an audience composed of businesses, academicians, policy-makers and NGOs. Particular attention will be given to experiences demonstrating clear linkages with the work of the workstreams of the EU B@B Platform.

    If you are interested and would like to be a speaker at the Annual Conference, please fill in an expression of interest by 12 August 2016 at the latest.

  • 11 July 2016

    Workstream 2: The consultation with the WS 2 working groups started

    Four working groups have been created under Workstream 2 to identify enabling actions to scale up the promising innovations identified by the EU B@B Platform in 2014-2015. Draft papers have been circulated to the working groups to gather opinions. If you want to get involved, please contact the workstream leader Guy Duke.

  • 11 July 2016

    Workstream 3: Workshop with financial institutions organised on 13 September 2016

    The work of WS3 is ongoing to facilitate enhanced engagement with financial institutions and looking into the development of a “Community of Practice” at EU level for integrating biodiversity into financial decision making. A workshop will be organised on 13 September in the premises of the European Commission. All interested financial institutions that would like to take part are invited to get in touch with Yann Verstraeten. Go on WS3 page for more info.

  • 11 July 2016

    New tool for corporate bond credit analysis reveals significant water scarcity risk

    A new tool for financial institutions to incorporate water risk in corporate bond credit risk analysis shows that several beverages, mining and power companies are significantly exposed to water stress. This tool was developed by the Natural Capital Declaration, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the German Association for Environmental Management and Sustainability in Financial Institutions (VfU) in response to growing demand for analytics to integrate water risk factors into investment analytics. Seven financial institutions from Europe and the Americas - UBS, Robeco, Calvert Investments, Pax World, J Safra Sarasin, Banorte and Bancolombia – took part in the tool’s development. Visit VfU website for more info.

  • 11 July 2016

    The EU B@B Platform welcomed 16 new members over the last two months!

    If you are a small or large business, a consultancy, an NGO or an academic stakeholders and want to be part of the EU B@B Platform, register here. This will give you access to a large community and allow you to engage with the work of the EU B@B Platform!

  • 2 June 2016

    The EU B@B contributes to the launch of the Natural Capital Protocol through its Natural Capital Accounting workstream

    In the context of the launch of the Natural Capital Protocol on 13 July, the EU B@B intends to publish a summary of the main outputs from 2014-2016 (to date) of the EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform’s Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) for Business workstream. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a full overview of the findings on NCA.

  • 2 June 2016

    UNEP Inquiry Publishes New Report on Sustainable Finance in the EU

    The UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System initiative published a new report entitled “Building a Sustainable Financial System in the European Union”. This report supports long-term economic and environmental goals, boost international competitiveness, and advance the EU’s strategic role in international cooperation for financial system development.

  • 2 June 2016

    Short paper on National Biodiversity Platforms in Europe

    National Biodiversity Platforms in seven European countries publish a new report on experience gained within their respective platforms and collaboration. This report highlights the effective implementation of the work programme of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) which relies on the involvement of, and outreach to experts and institutions at the local, national and regional scale.

  • 2 June 2016

    “Consumers ready to contribute to protection of biodiversity, but need information and reputable brands to guide their choice”

    More and more people are aware of biodiversity. If credible information and reputable brands are available, consumers are ready to purchase biodiversity-friendly products and contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. These are among the latest insights of the Biodiversity Barometer, an annual survey of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT) on biodiversity awareness among consumers and leading beauty, food and beverage companies around the world. Go to the UEBT Biodiversity Barometer to see the full results of this survey.

Save the date

Save the date!: We are proud to announce that the third Annual Conference of the EU B@B Platform will take place on 23 November 2016 back to back with the Dutch international conference “Natural Capital | Let's talk business!” (see below). The 2016 Annual Conference will be hosted in the premises of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW) in The Hague. It will represent a great opportunity for the EU B@B Platform’s members and other businesses to learn about the work of the EU B@B Platform and exchange their views on the critical issues linked to business and biodiversity.

Location: Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW); Bezuidenhoutseweg 12, 2594 AV Den Haag, NL

Don’t miss this event and add it to your calendar!

Save the date!: The Dutch Platform for Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy (BEE) announces the international conference Natural Capital | Let's talk business!

This conference will start on 23 November in the evening and last until 25 November 2016 at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague. The concrete results of the EU B@B Platform will be presented in a dedicated session.


Key forthcoming events:

Ecoacsa in collaboration with Fundación Global Nature and Fundación Conama are organising the Natural Capital Summit on 5-6 October 2016 in Madrid. The Natural capital Summit will be a unique opportunity in Spain to learn how Natural Capital is beneficial for companies and society and how the impacts and dependencies that companies have of natural resources can be measured and valued. The presentation of the Natural Capital Protocol, initiative impelled by the Natural Capital Coalition, will play a key role during the meeting. The event is addressed at business leaders (business strategy, financial department and CSR managers), as well as environmental and sustainability professionals from different sectors. 

CBD COP 13 Business and Biodiversity Forum - Mainstreaming Biodiversity: Opportunities for business

The CBD Business and Biodiversity Forum will take place in Cancun, Mexico on 2-3 December 2016 immediately prior to the start of the thirteenth Conference of the Parties (COP 13) to the CBD, which will be taking place on 4–17 December 2016. The Forum will run in parallel with the Ministerial High-Level Segment of the COP. Interactive panel discussions are planned on topics very similar to the ones tackled by the EU B@B Platform including financing; Natural Capital Accounting; supply chains and sustainable production and consumption; climate, biodiversity and business; access and benefits sharing; and partnerships and other innovative approaches for biodiversity conservation).

In case your company is planning to attend the CBD Business and Biodiversity Forum, the European Commission would welcome your notification in order to facilitate synergies and enhance the visibility of EU businesses in this global forum. This can be done through a brief email in to Lars Müller and Yann Verstraeten.

Climate Change and the financial sector seminar:

CO2logic, Naturalogic and Trucost are organising the 2nd edition of their "climate change and the financial sector seminar". The seminar is taking place in Brussels on 6 October 2016 in Brussels. It will aim to discuss how lenders and investors can address regulatory, supplier and physical risks and opportunities associated with climate change. If you wish to subscribe, please send an email to

The section “Future events and workshops” of the B@B Platform has been updated with a series of key events happening in the coming months!

Full members’ highlight of the month:

Partnership with university delivers net positive impact on biodiversity in LafargeHolcim’s quarry located in Spain

The LafargeHolcim quarry in Yepes (Toledo, Spain) has had a partnership on biodiversity with the University of Castilla La Mancha for more than 10 years. This partnership includes biodiversity studies and research which have helped the site achieve a net positive impact for biodiversity through its’ rehabilitation program. An important feature of the partnership is the educational program which has been set up for the local primary and secondary schools and university students. The project which includes a purpose built education facility and cycle paths with education panels and viewing points has been developed on 300 hectares of land. Awareness programs have also been developed for the elderly and also persons on social development programs.

Educational programs at LafargeHolcim quarry in Yepes (Spain)

The Regional Administration consider this to be an exemplary program which also includes a plant nursery for endemic and endangered species and other activities such as star gazing, bird watching and sports.