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Beyond GDP

Measuring progress, true wealth, and well-being

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What is the 'Beyond GDP' initiative

The Beyond GDP initiative is about developing indicators that are as clear and appealing as GDP, but more inclusive of environmental and social aspects of progress.

This website updates on recent developments and ongoing work.


Data to go

Wellbeing, freedom and opportunities measures in New York

'Measure of America' developed DATA2GO.NYC , an online tool that provides data and mapping of well-being, freedom, and opportunity of New York City’s 59 community districts. The website comprises more than 300 indicators that depict neighbourhoods’ assets and challenges, which can help policy-makers and individuals to shape a city in which “everyone counts”. It has three main interfaces: Maps, Dashboards, and Connections. Users can produce NYC maps for over 300 indicators grouped in 12 categories, from development, environment, and education to demographics, safety, and political engagement. There are also 17 “Features of interest” that include public and private facilities that matter for people’s well-being, such as parks, libraries, shelters, kitchens and more. Dashboards show multiple indicators for a given community district.

Local Needs for Well Being

UK local well-being indicators set

The 'What Works Centre for Wellbeing' partnered with 'Happy City' to develop a local wellbeing indicator set which would help local decision-makers to understand and improve local wellbeing in UK. It comprises two sets of indicators, an ‘ideal’ one based on 26 indicators and a ‘currently available’, which includes 23 indicators. The final framework of both indicator sets comprises seven domains: Economy, Education and childhood, Equality, Health, Place, Social relationships, and Personal wellbeing. The set includes both objective and subjective indicators, some are direct measures of well-being, some are more traditional indicators of deprivation, such as unemployment and material deprivation, and others are aspects less often considered by policy, such as social contacts and use of green spaces. In the development of these indicators, local authorities, local public health leaders, and health & wellbeing boards were consulted.

SDG Report 2017

UN DESA releases the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017

The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) published the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017. This is the first annual report on the SDGs published by UN DESA with the support of a number of international, national and regional organisations. Based on best available data, according to the global indicator framework adopted by the UN Statistical Commission in March 2017, the report provides an overview of global implementation of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The report shows that while progress has been made in all areas, the rate of improvements is currently insufficient to meet the SDGs targets by 2030. The report highlights the need for data which “are accurate, timely, sufficiently disaggregated, relevant, accessible and easy to use”, restating the Cape Town Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data.

National News

Going Beyond GDP