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Winners 2010

The 2010 Business Awards were open to companies from all EU Member States and candidate countries. Companies had to succeed in national award schemes before being nominated by national award bodies for the European Business Awards. The winners for the 2010 European Business Awards are:

The Management Award
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Company: The Findus Group
Project Title: Fish for Life: Supporting Sustainable Fisheries
Description: Fish for Life is the Findus Group programme to support a long-term sustainable future for
seafood. As a primary link between Fishermen and the consumer, the Findus Group is able to
make a positive contribution to the responsible management of Fisheries and the protection
of marine biodiversity. It can also communicate key issues through its business relationships,
products and marketing. The business has invested heavily in activities to support its Fish for
Life approach since the programme was first initiated by Young's Seafood six years ago.
Contact: Ian Hagg, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

The Product Award
Belgium Belgium
Company: EnergyICT
Project Title: Implementation of the Advanced Energy Management System, EIServer, at the British Retailer TESCO
Description: The sophisticated EIServer® energy monitoring and control system incorporates all the vital
functions necessary for effcient energy management in all types of building. Implementation
of this system by British retailer Tesco has enabled it to reduce energy consumption by 20%
across all its UK stores. Energy consumption is measured for electricity and water, as well as for
gas and heat. This data is collected and centralised for processing. The system reads more than
10 000 meters in the UK Tesco stores.
Contact: David Chambaere (

The Process Award
Germany Germany
Company: Zenergy Power GmbH und Bültmann GmbH
Project Title: Cutting energy consumption by 50% using magnetic billet heating based on superconductor technology
Description: In the process of shaping non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper and brass, the
processing speed and quality depend on the homogeneous distribution of heat within the
metal billets. The Magnetic Billet Heater is the First industrial machine based on superconductor
technology and a quantum leap in non-ferrous metal processing. The magnetic heating process
improves heating quality, resulting in a 25% increase in productivity and substantial quality
gains. At the same time, energy consumption is cut by 50% due to the absence of resistive loss
in the superconductor coil.
Contact: Ursula Kollenbach (;
Werner Witte (

The International Cooperation Award
Netherlands Spain
Company: Ferrovial
Project Title: ‘Maji ni Uhai’ (Water is life). Water supply and sanitation in Serengueti District, Tanzania
Description: Maji ni Uhai ('Water is life') is a collaborative effort to fight poverty by providing access to
safe water. The objective is to ensure that the construction of a water supply and sanitation
infrastructure for 50 000 people in the Serengeti, Tanzania, becomes the basis of sustainable
economic development of the region. The project involves an innovative collaboration between
Ferrovial, one of the world's leading infrastructure groups, the non-governmental organisation
AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation) and the regional governments. In this
public-private alliance, Ferrovial provides its technology and know-how through company
volunteers, in addition to Financing 100% of the project.