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Winners 2006
The Management Award
Italy Italy
Company: Sotral SpA
Project Title: Management for Eco-efficiency in Public Catering
Description: Sotral S.p.A. is a company specialized in logistic and environmental services applied to public catering. To develop, Sotral uses an approach that combines science, engineering and communication skills with a management model marked by “Life Cycle Thinking”.

The Product Award
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Company: Windsave Ltd
Project Title: Windsave Plug’n’Save wind turbine
Description: The System is the first worldwide low-cost product which delivers electricity directly into the ring main of homes, offices etc. merely by plugging the supply into the wall socket. The system uses wind speed to create ‘green’ electricity via the Plug'n'Save™ box, the unique invention which allows reducing the consumption and cost of electricity from the Grid and displaces CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel generation.
Spain Spain
Company: DTS OABE SL
Project Title: Nupilac hidro, water based, lacquer applied insecticide
Description: DTS OABE has developed an environmentally friendly insecticide lacquer for use in urban pest control that is free of organic solvents, and safe for both users and individuals coming into contact with it after application. The product is currently sold on domestic markets and an international marketing plan is foreseen.

The Process Award
Germany Germany
Company: Volkswagen AG
Project Title: The Volkswagen-SiCon process for recycling shredder residues
Description: In cooperation with SiCon GmbH, Volkswagen has developed a mechanical process for separating shredder residues from disposing end-of-life vehicles into fractions that can substitute primary raw materials in industrial processes on a commercial scale.

The International Cooperation Award
Netherlands Netherlands
Company: Ragbag formerly known as ID-L inspired innovations
Project Title: RagBag®
Description: Ragbag® is a new brand for fashionable products made from recycled plastic bags by deprived people - rag-pickers - in the slums of Delhi. Ragbag products are designed by young European and Indian designers. The project is an international co-operation of Conserve, a Delhi based NGO and iD-L inspired innovations, an Amsterdam based design consultancy.
Finald Finland
Company: YIT Rakennus Oy
Project: South-West Wastewater Treatment Plant in St. Petersburg, Russia
Description: The City of St Petersburg is the largest single point-source polluter of the Baltic Sea, and St Petersburg’s South-West Wastewater Treatment Plant (SWTP Plant) treats the wastewater of 700.000 people. It is a project realized by the consortium YIT, NCC and Skanska and the SWTP Plant, inaugurated in September 2005, is the most significant environmental investment in recent years in the area of the Baltic Sea. Rakennus Oy was part of the consortium which developed and constructed the plant.