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The Product and Services Award
  Product award  

This award is for the development and/or implementation of a new product or service that makes an outstanding contribution to sustainable development.

Award criteria:

Innovation: Substantial innovation in the product or service must bring improvements in environmental performance over comparable alternatives, whilst at least maintaining functional performance.

Environmental benefit: Clear and quantified analysis must demonstrate increased resource efficiency and reduced environmental impact over the complete life-cycle of the product or service (e.g. through Life Cycle Analysis LCA).

Social benefit: The product or service must meet the needs of consumers and bring wider social benefits (e.g. by providing decent working conditions, safeguarding consumer health, improving quality of life, etc.).

Economic benefit: Proof must be given that the new product or service is economically viable (e.g. through sales performance data or credible sales projections).

Commitment: Senior management must be clearly committed to the development and marketing of the product or service, and must show its importance with regard to the organisation’s overall strategy.

Replication potential: There must be clear potential for wider adoption of the innovative aspects of the product or service, and a willingness to share this knowledge and expertise with other organisations.

Get involved:
To apply for a European Business Award for the Environment, finalists from national competitions must fill in an entry form. In the product category, companies are allowed to apply to each new edition of the awards provided the product entered is entirely new. Find out more here.