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The Process Award
  Process award  

This award is for the development and/or implementation of a new production solution that makes an outstanding contribution to sustainable development.

Award criteria:

Innovation: The technology must include specific innovative elements that promote more eco-efficient production (e.g. by increasing resource efficiency, or reducing waste and emissions).

Environmental benefit: The environmental benefits / resource efficiency of the new process must be clear and quantified (e.g. through use of eco-efficiency or resource efficiency indicators).

Social benefit: Adoption of the new process must have either neutral or positive social impacts (e.g. employment opportunities, working conditions, or effects on local communities).

Economic benefit: Proof must be given that the new technology is economically viable (e.g. with reference to capital and operating costs).

Commitment: Senior management must be clearly committed to adopting the new process or technique, and must show its importance in the context of the organisation’s overall operations.

Replication potential: There must be clear potential for wider adoption of the innovative aspects of the technology, and a willingness to share this knowledge and expertise with other organisations.

Get involved:
To apply for a European Business Award for the Environment, finalists from national competitions must fill in an entry form. In the process category, companies cannot apply a second time with the same or similar process or technique. A Process Award is only given to innovative production technique and companies must prove the true innovation of their process. Find out more here.