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Nominees 2008

The Jury, chaired by Mr Anton Gantar, lecturer and independent environmental consultant experienced in industrial R&D and environmental issues, and 17 environmental experts representing industry, NGOs, academia and public authorities chose 11 finalists from 125 entries from 24 European countries. The Jury shortlisted three nominees for the Management, Product and Process categories and two nominees for the International Co-operation category.

The winners will be announced and receive their awards during the prestigious award ceremony in presence of Commissioner Stavros Dimas on 3 June 2008, which will be part of the Commission's annual Green Week.


Jury 2008

Appearing from left to right : Mr Nicholas Hanley, Head of Communication and Governance Unit, DG Environment, Ms Bernarda Podlipnik, Director General of Slovenian Directorate for European affairs and investments, Mr Peter Novak, EBAE National Coordinator for Slovenia, Mr. John Bowman (UK), Mr Heinz Felsner (A), Ms Teija Lahti-Nuuttila (FI), Mr Nicos Georgiades (CY), Mr Robert Ghirlando (MT), Ms. Maria Erdős (HU), Mr Olavi Tammemäe (EE).


Jury 2008

Appearing from left to right : Mr Carlo Vandecasteele (B), Mr Anton Gantar (SL), Mr Nicos Georgiades (CY), Mr László Miklós (SK).


Jury 2008

Appearing from left to right : Mr Carlo Vandecasteele (B), Mr Anton Gantar (SL), Mr Nicos Georgiades (CY), Mr László Miklós (SK), Mr Olavi Tammemäe (EE), Ms Eva Geluk (EI), Mr Dimiter Brankov (BG), Ms Marta Fernández (ES), Ms Åsa Domeij (SV), Mr Wilfried Bockelmann (D), Ms Teija Lahti-Nuuttila (FI), Mr Roman Vyhnánek (CZ), Mr John Bowman (UK).


Jury 2008

Appearing from left to right: Ms Teija Lahti-Nuuttila (FI), Mr Roman Vyhnánek (CZ), Mr Robert Ghirlando (MT), Mr Konstantinos G. Aravossis (GR), Mr Theo van Bellegem (NL), Ms. Maria Erdős (HU).

The Management Award
Spain Estonia
Company: TRIIP Ltd
Management issue:: Completely integrated environmental and quality management system of a printing company
Motivation: The Jury acknowledged that TRIIP is a constantly improving firm in the technology services sector, pioneering in its verification by NGOs, and innovative in its green print trademark. The Jury recognised that the company’s whole supply chain is environmentally friendly, including green energy purchasing. The project represents a proof of how environmental improvement can run in parallel with economic performance and encompasses a great replication potential. Moreover, the project may raise consumer awareness on sustainability and innovation, thus contributing to environmental education.
Italy France
Management issue: Agriculture and Environmental management
Motivation: The Jury recognised a strong grassroots’ initiative by responsible farmers in a highly problematic sector – agriculture – essential in Europe, with the totality of farming activities involved. The project clearly demonstrates how sustainable farming can contribute to enhance the economic performance of a company. The project presents a high replication potential – the trans-boundary vision of the initiative and the voluntary aspect representing strong indicators of the replicability aspect and of the company’s commitment. The Jury highlighted the social responsibility of partners involved and the extra steps taken, such as in the field of waste management.
Hungary United Kingdom
Company: The Co-operative Group Ltd
Management issue: The Co-operative Group’s Approach to Sustainable Development
Motivation: The Jury acknowledged the ethical and social responsibility demonstrated by a climate-change aware company. The Jury recognised environmental and social commitment exhibited at the highest management level – sustainability is included in the company’s corporate mission with customer and member-mandated ethical policies. The project demonstrated the highest standards of accountability and personal involvement as well as an impressive array of diverse activities and mobilised business sectors. As such, the project embeds responsible business practices. The Jury appreciated other assets such as wind farming, the purchase of green energy and environmental targets in the performance appraisal of managers.
Download the video presenting the finalists of the Management Award (mpg 29mb)  

The Product Award
Austria Austria
Company: ertex-solar GmbH
Product: Photovoltaic modules in laminated safety glass technology
Motivation: The Jury considered it an innovated development to combine photovoltaic film with laminated safety glass which is already in commercial application. The company has shown a strong commitment to product development combining a number of desirable features including renewable energy production. The product, in addition to energy production has according to the Jury the following advantages: strong safety characteristics reducing risk in case of breakage, weather-protection characteristics, including lowering the cooling requirements during summer, and light control as well as widespread application in buildings without the need for special design features. The Jury stressed that this product will encourage the use of photovoltaic technology and its wider application.
United   Kingdom France
Company: JCDecaux SA
Product: Cyclocity® self-service bicycle rental system
Motivation: The Jury recognised that this product incorporates security design features into the bicycle which has enabled the development of a bicycle-sharing service. Such services have been tried before without being successful because of the loss of bicycles. The product has been used to develop the sharing service in several cities in several countries and has proved successful. The benefits which flow from this product development include the reduction in vehicular traffic, leading to less congestion, a reduction in vehicle emissions and reduced journey times. The Jury finally considered that this product adds an additional option to transport while contributing to the production of a healthy lifestyle.
Spain Spain
Company: Red Eléctrica de España
Product: Control Centre of Renewable Energies (CECRE)
Motivation: The Jury acknowledged that this product sets out to resolve the difficulty of matching electricity production from a diversity of sources with electricity consumption. In particular, it enables the incorporation of a larger proportion of intermittent electricity production from wind turbines than hitherto. The product is particularly applicable in places with little connection to other sources of steady electricity production.
Download the video presenting the finalists of the Product Award (mpg 27mb)  

The Process Award
Germany Germany
Company: BAYER AG
Process: Oxygen Depolarized Cathode (ODC) Technology for saving energy when producing chlorine from hydrochloric acid
Motivation: Bayer has brought a new kind of cathode to industrial maturity for the closed-loop recycling of hydrochloric acid electrolysis, which allows a significant improvement in energy efficiency. The Jury emphasised that this new technology reduces the amount of the electricity required to produce chlorine from hydrochloric acid by 30%, and therefore decided to recognise the effort of Bayer and its partners to make the process more efficient. With the existing worldwide recycling of 700 kton of hydrochloric acid, the 30% reduction of the energy use is equivalent to the domestic electricity demand of 300,000 people.
Germany Germany
Company: CHOREN Ltd.
Process: Sustainable production of synthetic biofuel (BTL) using the Carbo-V process
Motivation: The Jury underlined that controlled and efficient biofuel production is an important contribution to EU policy regarding renewable energy. The Jury emphasised that the process developed by Choren enables valorisation of solid biomass waste. The synthetic biodiesel obtained is high quality, completely free of sulphur and aromatics, and almost CO2 neutral. The second-generation biofuel production does not use plants intended for food.
Netherlands Netherlands
Company: DHV B.V.
Process: Nereda: sustainable breakthrough process for cleaner water at lower community costs
Motivation: The Jury acknowledged that Nereda from DHV B.V. represents an important improvement of the existing practice in wastewater treatment. The process shrinks plant footprints by a factor of four and reduces energy consumption by 30 to 50%. Finally, it improves stability with additional features that complete the removal of nutrients. The Jury considered that the process may be widely applied in municipal wastewater treatment plants in which in the near future important investments are foreseen.
Download the video presenting the finalists of the Process Award (mpg 27mb)  

The International Cooperation Award
Netherlands Austria
Company: Windkraft Simonsfeld GmbH
Project: El Sol
Motivation: The Jury particularly appreciated the good co-operation between an organisation in an EU Member State and an organisation in a developing country with benefits to both. The simple development enables those on low incomes and in remoter areas to derive some of their energy needs from solar energy. The technology required is relatively simple, can be produced locally and requires little maintenance. The Jury recognised that the development has the potential to be replicated widely.
Finald Netherlands
Company: KIT (Royal Tropical Institute)/Holding/Mali BioCarburant SA
Project: Sustainable Biodiesel Production in Mali
  The Jury considered that this project was very well presented with all the main advantages and disadvantages listed. According to the Jury, the project represents excellent co-operation between an organisation in an EU Member State and an organisation in a developing country with benefits to both. The biodiesel is produced from a non-food crop which is grown on non-agricultural land or, where on agricultural land, is an inter-crop which is likely to lead to better food crops. The biodiesel will reduce the need for fossil oil use in Mali and may provide an export product. The development has been shown to be viable as a commercial activity which benefits Mali.
Download the video presenting the finalists of the International Cooperation Award (mpg 23mb)