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The 2018 European Business Awards for the Environment Awards Ceremony

The 2018-2019 EBAE awards ceremony took place on 14 November 2018. The ceremony, held at the historical Palais Niederösterreich, was part of the “Growth in Transition” conference, and was hosted in cooperation with the Austrian Presidency of the EU.

EBAE Ceremony 2018

The seven Award “Winners” were drawn from a shortlist of 22 Finalists from nine European countries. The six awards were presented by Gilles Gantelet, Director of Policy, Coordination and Resources, DG Environment, European Commission, and Jürgen Schneider, Director General, Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism.

While presenting the awards, Gilles Gantelet said: "The EU is at the crossroads of its transformation towards a more sustainable economy, and businesses are vital to drive this change forward. All the finalists of this year’s awards have taken major steps to bring us closer to a pollution-free, low-carbon and circular economy, and we are here to celebrate their achievements. These enterprises prove that eco-innovation isn’t just about protecting our planet – it’s also an excellent business decision, playing a key role in European competitiveness.”

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