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The Management Award
  Management award  

This award is for an exceptional organisation or group of organisations with the strategic vision and management systems that enable it to continuously improve its contribution to sustainable development.

Award criteria:

Integration: Environmental and social issues must be fully integrated into mainstream business management, alongside financial performance, with clear objectives and targets for improving performance.

Performance improvement: There must be continuous improvement in performance against the organisation’s stated environmental and social objectives, as demonstrated by regular monitoring and reporting.

Accountability: There must be regular and systematic dialogue with stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, non-governmental organisations, etc.) with feedback of the results into management decision-making.

Employee involvement: Employees must be closely involved in all aspects of environmental management, and there must be capacity-building in other areas of corporate social responsibility.

Commitment: The corporate mission and policy statements (including an environmental policy) must be consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

Replication potential: There must be clear potential for good practice and innovation to be shared with other organisations (e.g. through involvement in business networks, dissemination at conferences).

Get involved:

To apply for a European Business Award for the Environment, finalists from national competitions must fill in an entry form. In the management category, companies who have won an EBAE award, must wait two consecutive editions before they are allowed to reapply. Find out more here.