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How the Jury works

Role of the Jury
The Jury panel evaluates the entries on the basis of the judging criteria, and selects nominees and winners. The Jury panel is divided into three groups:

Group 1: Management
Group 2: Product and Services
Group 3: Process

The Developing Country Cooperation Award is evaluated equally by all Jury groups as there are usually fewer entries in this category than in the others. Each Jury member must evaluate two categories (Category 4 and one of the other three categories). The President evaluates all the categories.

Beginning in 2012, the jury panel will also choose three nominees for and one winner of the 'Business and Biodiversity' Award. They will be chosen from among the companies that applied for the four existing categories.

Evaluation process
The Jury panel is divided into three groups. It is collegially responsible for choosing winners in all categories, but members pay particular attention to the category assigned to them. The Jury panel selects up to 15 nominees (three per category) – “the 12 best companies in Europe” - that have shown they can make the environment one of their concerns while strengthening their competitiveness. From the nominees, the Jury panel chooses five winners, one for each category. All nominees are promoted thoroughly during the ceremony and in the following two years before the next awards.

Voting system
Unanimity is not necessary. Simple majority voting is used to select nominees and winners. In the event of a tie, the President has the casting vote. The Jury can switch an entrant’s category if a project appears to be submitted within the wrong category. The steering committee has drawn up some general and specific criteria for each award. These criteria will not only facilitate the evaluation work of the Jury panel, but will also give applicants a better idea of what the judges are looking for.

Management Award
Product and Services Award
Process Award
Developing Country Cooperation Award
Business & Biodiversity Award

Profile of Jury members
Jury members are representatives of or experts from industry, government and non-government bodies, the media and universities who are interested and involved in implementing environmental practices in the business sector. The European Commission ensures a balanced representation of Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western countries and of both men and women. The President of the Jury panel is appointed by the European Commission, and should ideally come from the country that holds the EU Presidency. The number of Jury members has varied from year to year. In 2012, the panel consists of 20 high-profile members.