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The International Business Cooperation Award
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This award is for an international business cooperation involving at least one private entity from the European Union, and another from the private, public, non-governmental or academic sector in a developing or emerging country.

Award criteria:

Clear objectives: The cooperation must be guided by a business relationship and a clear statement of shared objectives demonstrating how it expects to contribute to the environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainable development in a developing or emerging country.

Planning and resource allocation: The cooperation must be thoroughly planned and must be allocated sufficient human and financial resources to enable it to work effectively towards its objectives.

Sustainable benefit: The cooperation must produce measurable and lasting benefits that are consistent with the principles of sustainable development (e.g. reduced resource consumption, improved working conditions, poverty alleviation).

Sustainable production: In order to promote the transfer of technology, the company working jointly with the developing or emerging country on the new product guarantees the sustainable production and sustainable use of the product (or process). Moreover, the project shall be business-driven.

Equity: The benefits must be evenly distributed among those involved, and the cooperation must be managed in a way that is fair and transparent to all partners.

Synergy: Benefits must be produced more efficiently and effectively as a result of the cooperation (e.g. by avoiding duplication of effort, mobilising greater expertise, building trust, etc.).

Replication potential: There must be potential for applying the innovative aspects of the cooperation to other situations and partners.

Get involved:
To apply for a European Business Award for the Environment, finalists from national competitions must fill in an entry form.
In the International Business Cooperation category, previous winners are only eligible when submitting an entirely new project. This excludes the replication of the same project at a different level or geographical location. Find out more here.