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Entry forms

Applications from eligible companies must be submitted on an official entry form, please click on the category button below. There are four different forms, one for each EBAE category:

management award product award process award

international cooperation award

To apply to the Business and Biodiversity Award companies should indicate on their main category entry form if they also wish to be entered for Category 5: Business and Biodiversity Award.

The following table gives information on the total number of entries by ceremony year and by the total number of participating countries i.e. countries which submit national entries for the EU Awards.

Date Number of entries Number of participating countries
2014 152 22
2012 156 24
2010 141 24
2008 125 24
2006 139 23
2004 100 15
2002 99 18
2000 85 14
1998 85 14
1996 81 11
1994 60 9
1992 68 11
1990 48 n/a
1989 n/a 6

Practical advice for each entry form

Language: Each entry form must be completed in English, and any annexes – CD ROMs, brochures, videos, PDFs or other documents – should preferably also be submitted in English.

An online Registration and Evaluation Platform must be used by companies to submit their entries electronically. Thanks to this system, National Coordinators are now able to monitor and interact with their companies and jury members to evaluate the entry forms afterwards.

The Platform is secure and will not keep companies' data accessible once the Awards cycle is completed.

The length of each response is limited to a specified number of characters.

Jury members will rely mainly on the core part of the electronic entry and will not necessarily look at the annexes.

Award criteria: Applicants will be informed of the award criteria to allow them to tailor their entries accordingly. (See list of award criteria, item 7).

Specific comments by entry: It is necessary for responses to be given to all questions on the entry form, and for all documentation requested to be provided. Entry forms containing unanswered questions may be rejected by the Secretariat.

Submitting the entry form

Companies may not send their entry forms directly to the Secretariat.

The entry forms should be submitted electronically through the online platform. The submission deadline will be communicated separately by the EBAE Secretariat for each new cycle.

After a company submits an application the entry form is made available to the relevant National Coordinator (NC), who then has the opportunity to review, to send back the application for further input by the company (if needed), or to approve it.

NCs are responsible for the final approval of the companies’ application. Once an entry form is approved by a NC, it is automatically sent to the EBAE Secretariat.

The maximum cumulative amount of characters that can be entered in the online entry form is clearly mentioned on the technical information sheet available in the annex section of this document.

Additional documentation – Annexes (you can upload a maximum of two documents):

The online platform will allow the upload of two supporting documents.

More information

Please contact the Secretariat.