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The Business & Biodiversity award
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Since 2012, companies applying for one of the existing categories are also able to compete to a new award, the 'Business and Biodiversity' Award. 

Award criteria:

Is the ecosystem/habitat/species important? E.g. Is the action in a Natura 2000 area or one covered by the Habitat or the Birds Directive? Is it threatened? Is it indigenous?
How extensive is the impact? E.g. What is the geographical area covered? What other types of land use can be found in the region? Are there negative side effects?

Does the action contribute to the protection and improvement of biodiversity in a broader context? (E.g. is it a constituent of an ecological corridor? Does the action involve others in the company or beyond? Does it develop and/or use green infrastructure and/or ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation? Does it create benefits for species, water, soil, land-use, resource-use?

How sustainable is the protection of biodiversity? E.g. Are staff appropriately trained? Is financing in place to sustain the action? Is the awareness of other actors raised?

If the jury is unable to reach a decision on the basis of these four main criteria, additional criteria may be used.

The judging criteria for the Business & Biodiversity award